Mid-Term Assgn And My Thoughts

Where should I start? Mid-Terms? Haha for most of my other classes it was hell. I mean straight hell the amount of workload is crazy. But with this class, it wasn’t all that stressful. Because I had taken a lot of technology classes when I was younger it really didn’t affect me all that much. If anything I got a  feeling of relief from this class and just doing the work.

From creating my own website, memes, and future planning out I layout for my writing it was all fun for me. I find this class in the middle of the semester to be overall fun and thrilling. Sure there is still a lot to be done but hey there is a brightness to this class and just doing the work. EASY GRADE!? Maybe lol who knows.

Obama-Biden memes are the internet's comic relief after election - CBS News

OH BTW in the middle of the semester for this class I was debating on whether  I should do a collection of memes storyline of Biden and Obama lol didn’t go so well but. This class and Prof is very flexible and works with the class really well. So I’m grateful to be in the class