My DS106 Assignment

1. 10 Step Photo Challenge


10-Step Photo Challenge

Anything that has to do with taking pictures, I’ll take it. I love taking pics, of myself, my friends, at brunch, my food, my dog, or whatever it is.

I love the idea of taking pictures of happy moments so that in the future my friends and I can look back at them and laugh a little.

That is why I decided to pick this Visual Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank.

So this is my 10-step photo challenge on this beautiful sunny day with my companion Tina. (PS: She is such a great model!)


2. What is Coding?

Create an Interactive progam

To start, I honestly don’t even know what coding is. I first need to discover what coding is, in order to be able to Create an Interactive Program.

For me, the word CODING just sounds hard, difficult, scary… and you know, you get the point.

Just look at it.

5 Tips for Learning Coding (With No Prior Experience) | Inc.com

In order for me to really get the hang of coding, I feel that it would take me a lot of practice to master such skill. I would say at least 5 assignments in order to get the hang of it and maybe 10 to finally say I got this, I can do it by myself. However, coding and being able to create an interactive program seems very interesting to learn and a skill that many might not have. I am completely down to learn this skill!



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  1. Maria, don’t feel bad about the coding thing. It was a coding class that forced my near 40 yr old self to drop out and quickly re-assess exactly how I’m going to make something of myself subtracting my dream of being a game designer from the equation.

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