CT101 Final Blog Post/ Maria Teran

What Have I Learned?

Wow, it’s the end of the semester!

Wow, I can’t believe it! Even though I have been waiting for this semester to be over. This semester has definitely been the hardest for me. I took a couple of classes that were quite intense in writing (my WORST subject) which have literally kicked my ass lol. I could genuinely say that CT101 has been my escape from it all.

I really enjoyed assisting CT101 and learning things that I never knew I needed. I was fascinated when we learned about Gifs and Memes because I love using them and sharing them in my daily life.

Michael is my favvvv

^ This one is my favorite Gif I created! I love the Office and this part of the episode was hilarious so my first Gif just had to be this! I loved learning how to make Gifs, Memes, add them to my post, I enjoyed learning how to hyperlink. (that’s currently my favorite song), adding photos and media to my posts and discovering new elements in every class we had.

I enjoyed creating my website. I would say that this class taught me something that I have always wanted to know, and that is the idea of a website. It was lots of fun playing and discovering new little customizations that I could do on my website and adjusting it to MY liking.

Will I Keep my Website?

Help Me I Need Lashes - help me I'm poor | Meme Generator

I do plan on keeping my website and hopefully be able to maintain it. I recently have taken an eyelash extension course, meaning I want to be my own boss and start providing services for the ladies out there that would love to get their eyelashes on fleek. I would like to transform by Travel Blogs website into an Eyelash website! I can see that this website has great potential in helping me cater my services and help me provide a platform where my work can be portrayed through images, comments, links to social media, and maybe even able to provide bookings through my site. I am honestly excited for what the future may have in store for me and for my website. I know that it will be a beneficial factor in my life.

Final Website Link & Description 

This is my website – http://eyeconicny.com/

My website consists of three pages.

  1.  My Home Page – where you will find a photo gallery of pictures taken by me!
  2. Blogs page Where I have three posts published of trips I have taken.
  3. About me page – I introduce myself and explain how I will use my website. 

My website is a place where I post blogs of memorable pictures taken on my iPhone of places I go, people I am with, and the things I eat! When I was building this website it did give me a couple of headaches. I am not a very patient person so I would get frustrated when I did not know how to fix certian problems.

Scream GIF by Originals

I had a little bit of frustration when including a gallery on my website. I wanted the gallery centered on my home page, but for some reason, it would all shift to the right of the screen! Even my heading was shifted to the right of the screen! I watched the professor’s videos in hopes that maybe I could find the answers and techniques needed. I also played with it for about two days lol. I thought maybe my computer was glitching. In the end, I reached out to Professor Seslow and he suggested a couple of videos on youtube and gave me a couple of tips 🙂

I was finally able to center my home page and *sigh* it was such a relief and satisfaction to me. There’s nothing better than FINALLY figuring it out!

After I fixed this issue I had I was on a roll on finally being able to proceed in creating and customizing my website.

What Grade Do I Deserve?

Honestly speaking I would love to give myself an A LOL who wouldn’t! But realistically I believe that I deserve a B- because I am aware that I have missed a couple of assignments and posts which is the reason why my grade might be affected. Although I did miss a couple of posts I did in fact put a lot of work into my website! I enjoyed working on it and making it appear presentable.

R And R Summer GIF by Hallmark eCards


My new Website + It’s Use

New Website Alert!

Hey guys!

So after thinking long and hard about what my new website should be about, I got nowhere lol. I simply just decided for my website to be a blog of my adventures.  A blog where you guys can take a sneak peek into my life through the use of images!

picture taking GIF

The name of my website is EYECONIC! 

I wanted my website to have a different and creative name. My name is so boring and common that even I’m tired of it Lol.


Excited Picture GIF

^ That is me when I see photo-worthy landscape and ready to post it on Instagram!

Anyways guys, click on my website and take a look! 🙂


My DS106 Assignment

1. 10 Step Photo Challenge


10-Step Photo Challenge

Anything that has to do with taking pictures, I’ll take it. I love taking pics, of myself, my friends, at brunch, my food, my dog, or whatever it is.

I love the idea of taking pictures of happy moments so that in the future my friends and I can look back at them and laugh a little.

That is why I decided to pick this Visual Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank.

So this is my 10-step photo challenge on this beautiful sunny day with my companion Tina. (PS: She is such a great model!)


2. What is Coding?

Create an Interactive progam

To start, I honestly don’t even know what coding is. I first need to discover what coding is, in order to be able to Create an Interactive Program.

For me, the word CODING just sounds hard, difficult, scary… and you know, you get the point.

Just look at it.

5 Tips for Learning Coding (With No Prior Experience) | Inc.com

In order for me to really get the hang of coding, I feel that it would take me a lot of practice to master such skill. I would say at least 5 assignments in order to get the hang of it and maybe 10 to finally say I got this, I can do it by myself. However, coding and being able to create an interactive program seems very interesting to learn and a skill that many might not have. I am completely down to learn this skill!



Are Internet Memes Art?!

What is a Meme…

 memeThe term MEME is usually associated with an image or video that portrays a particular concept or idea that is then usually spread through online social platforms.

Grandma Finds The Internet Meme - Imgflip

Memes are a cultural shorthand that evolves with those who use them. Nobody can claim to know or understand every single meme that exists. There are simply toooooo many

cant-relate - CoHo

Neural net-generated memes are one of the best uses of AI on the internet - The Verge
When I am making plans to book a flight…

Are Memes A R T ?!

Are you kidding me… did someone really ask that question?

Cover Up Yes GIF by NeighborlyNotary®


The answer is Yes.

Memes are a form of art. Why??? Because they are a form of expression. Just like this guy who might be a little angry.

endlesspoetry art painting painter alejandro jodorowsky GIF

Or let’s take a look at this next beautiful piece of …


Look at this artist creating amazing art.

artist tattoo GIF
tattoos are a form of expression too


SaltBae or Salt Bae  meme

Pampered Cat Meme meme

Assignment #2 – Making my own GIF post!

First Day of CT101

On the first day of class, I was feeling emotions of excitement. I was excited about being able to take this class and thankful that a friend of mine recommended it to me right on time!

Even though I registered for classes very late (three days before the deadline) I still managed to score and get lucky with a good class, CT101!!!

I was thrilled in starting this course because it is out of my normal element and very much different than all other classes of course! No studying, no math, no essays! This class allows our creativity to take over and explore a new side of media where there is no wrong or right, formula to follow, or steps to be taken. We can experiment with various different elements and today we are experimenting with GIFs.

Animated GIF

In this class, we are taking a break from the 10-page essays that we all despise

we can put our pencials down, because…no essays in this class!
Personal Use of GIFs

Personally, I love using GIFs, especially on Instagram and text messages. Whenever I don’t feel like writing or maybe don’t really know what exactly I want to say, a GIF will do the work for me.

But now, I will be able to create specials GIFs that will resonate with me! I am excited!

Assignment #1 – Internet Gorilla Glue

No Hairspray?

Image result for gorilla glue gifEarlier this week a young girl on the internet went viral among many social platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter after trying to style her hair with Gorilla Glue after running out of hair spray! The Youtube video below gives a deeper insight such event.

Yes, this has to be a female’s worst nightmare but at the same time, it brought a lot of humor to many this week.

The good news is that Tessica Brown has finally been able to remove all of the mess from her head through surgery but she can not escape from all the memes that have been surfing around social media.

This is a meme post that I came across while scrolling through Instagram.