Assignment #2 – Techie in Training

First day of CT101, seemed a bit fancy for me. I was so used to taking structured courses that being in a class that focused on the creative aspect of technology was a bit weird.

My exact facial expression when I heard the terms ‘GIFs’ and ‘memes.’

“Okay so what’s the catch? What language are we going to use to code these things?” *rolls eyes back to the brain trying to find any knowledge left from SQL class *  But Prof.Seslow’s reassurance on this class not being hefty on coding made me feel so much more relieved.

I forced myself to like coding but in reality some things are just not meant to be.

Although I was relieved, I am still super nervous about this class. This is a class where I want to retain the new skills that I learn so I can use it in the real world. Not only that but I want to witness my growth.

Momma told me to use every opportunity to learn something new so I can be one step ahead.

Growing up as a girl in a South Asian family, I did not get the chance to explore my creativeness so I used to get very jealous of kids who knew how to draw, sing, or dance. Everything in my life was always so serious. I come home with a drawing for Father’s Day, my dad be like: High Expectations Asian Father Meme - Imgflip

So I catered to that expectation of always taking the serious classes in college that required a midterm and final exam.

I mean, God forbid my parents find out that I making memes during class!


The class has been therapeutic for me since I work 4 days and  have 0 days of fun. I usually start writing the post by playing my current fave Bollywood song , light a candle, review what is being asked for in the assignments and then get down to work. None of my other classes allowed me to sit back and have a little fun with the work I’m doing. This course makes think outside of the box and use a part of the brain that we don’t ofter get to use.



Since we were given two platforms to find GIF’s and memes (GIPHY and Imgur), I realized that I like using GIPHY better, sorry Imgur. I’ve noticed that GIPHY has a larger selection of what I am looking for whereas Imgur’s results are not relevant to what I was looking for. As presented below:


I searched for a GIPH that says/expresses “that’s on period” and got 8,000 options to choose from.



Whereas Imgur only presented 5 options that were not relevant to me

1 thought on “Assignment #2 – Techie in Training”

  1. Excellent work on this!
    I really love the reflective storytelling and the humor that you have added to it! I can related to parents not wanting their kids to be artists, lol, they are afraid that artists cant make money or support themselves (haha its such a myth but parents do worry 🙂 – nice use of examples through the post and the Giphy / Imgur testing – everyone likes Giphy better!
    There is much more to come in ct101 and we will be getting more and more creative! You will always retain your skills from out class and can always visit this website for inspiration and new projects even long after the course is over.
    Great work!

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