Week 4: Meme Is The New Art, Sorry Van Gogh

Do I think meme is art? Hells yes.

Btw, I loved watching Madea. She was a character who always expressed feelings that I was able to relate with.

I already knew my answer was going to be yes when Prof. Seslow introduced this assignment to us but I was curious to see what popped up on google when I searched, “meme is art.” The results were oddly satisfying to look at because when I looked at the images that related with the search, everything looked so familiar. I was not lost nor did I feel like an outcast for not recognizing anything.


The goal of art is to express a person’s truth, and if the purpose of art is art, then memes fit the bill. As an example, consider the works of art exhibited on the Internet as cultural icons. After watching,

Mike Rugnetta, the host said, But wait, people are creating images and sharing them with strangers for the purposes  of communicating their personal experiences? That my friends, is art, plain and simple.” I couldn’t have agreed more with this statement. 

Memes have gotten me through my days when I wasn’t able to articulate my feelings through my own words. It helps people describe past memories and experiences they had with people in their life. When you share it with your followers on instagram  you see the instant connections with people you don’t even know.


… I thought I’d join the revolution of art by creating my own meme. Yes, I know its not like the cool animated ones but trust the process!

Yeah this is the perfect meme to describe my mothers face EVERY SINGLE TIME she asks what I am working on. Created through GIPHY.



Assignment #2 – Techie in Training

First day of CT101, seemed a bit fancy for me. I was so used to taking structured courses that being in a class that focused on the creative aspect of technology was a bit weird.

My exact facial expression when I heard the terms ‘GIFs’ and ‘memes.’

“Okay so what’s the catch? What language are we going to use to code these things?” *rolls eyes back to the brain trying to find any knowledge left from SQL class *  But Prof.Seslow’s reassurance on this class not being hefty on coding made me feel so much more relieved.

I forced myself to like coding but in reality some things are just not meant to be.

Although I was relieved, I am still super nervous about this class. This is a class where I want to retain the new skills that I learn so I can use it in the real world. Not only that but I want to witness my growth.

Momma told me to use every opportunity to learn something new so I can be one step ahead.

Growing up as a girl in a South Asian family, I did not get the chance to explore my creativeness so I used to get very jealous of kids who knew how to draw, sing, or dance. Everything in my life was always so serious. I come home with a drawing for Father’s Day, my dad be like: High Expectations Asian Father Meme - Imgflip

So I catered to that expectation of always taking the serious classes in college that required a midterm and final exam.

I mean, God forbid my parents find out that I making memes during class!


The class has been therapeutic for me since I work 4 days and  have 0 days of fun. I usually start writing the post by playing my current fave Bollywood song , light a candle, review what is being asked for in the assignments and then get down to work. None of my other classes allowed me to sit back and have a little fun with the work I’m doing. This course makes think outside of the box and use a part of the brain that we don’t ofter get to use.



Since we were given two platforms to find GIF’s and memes (GIPHY and Imgur), I realized that I like using GIPHY better, sorry Imgur. I’ve noticed that GIPHY has a larger selection of what I am looking for whereas Imgur’s results are not relevant to what I was looking for. As presented below:


I searched for a GIPH that says/expresses “that’s on period” and got 8,000 options to choose from.



Whereas Imgur only presented 5 options that were not relevant to me

Assignment #1 – My Happy Place via Web Edition

There are many websites/apps that make me happy on the internet but if I were to choose one it would be instagram. Instagram makes it easier for people to communicate with their audience through images and videos. Having this platform allowed users to “think outside of the box,” and get creative.

To be honest, I think we can all agree that memes became a thing because of instagram, no?

People have become so famous from utilizing instagram to its fullest advantage. People started businesses, posted their art (and yes, meme’s is art and so are GIFs) and I wish I was one of those influencers/vloggers that got paid for living life but I don’t have the dedication in me.

My favorite feature on instagram is my explore feed. I discover new products, places, and affirmations every single day and although it makes me excited, I also feel overwhelmed. I would scroll through my feed for hours looking through everything, imagining myself wearing the same outfit as the influencer that I am looking at or bridal outfits from London or Pakistan. The explore feed allows me to escape my reality and pretend to live my ‘luxe lifestyle.’

Here is an example of my explore feed. Hope this gives you an idea of what my interests are.