A picture that shows everything I love


This collage contains several aspects of my life that bring me relaxation . On vacation my favorite thing to do is sit on the beach . I could sit on the beach and take in the beautiful scenery for hours . I enjoy swimming and doing water sports like jet skis . This reminds me of the future that awaits me , soon I’ll be able to vacation whenever I feel. I love to go on adventures with my boyfriend and have deep talks . I used a picture of two individuals in the car to represent the intimacy involved in communication . Us simple speaking about day , what we want for ourselves, making jokes and giving eye contact keeps us in touch . The picture of the yoga mats represent my love for personal time . I love to sprawl on my mat and stretch in my backyard. It brings me peace and allows me to contemplate on my next move . It also reminds me of why I started my spiritual journey and gives me the push to keep going . I placed the picture of birria tacos because it’s the newest thing I’ve tried . I’m a foodie and love to try new cuisines . This brings me relaxation knowing I’m able to experience the world around me . I love getting involved with the diversity the world has to offer . Last but not least , organic food shopping makes me happy . Eating healthy has an effect on your mood , brain functions , gut health and your outlook . I love to eat properly to take care of my vessel and learn new ways to stay immune from illness .Food is truly medicine , and it’s exciting to learn new uses for it