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Aaron Schwartz’s work  that I felt was important is keeping data that is available online free and accessible to everyone. Aaron’s idea that the laws should be public information, it all makes sense yet the government and private corporations try to keep things so that they make money.

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Aaron said the internet wasn’t around when the founding fathers wrote the constitution but if it was they would protect it they would want the knowledge that has been acquired thus far to be available to all. Aaron wanted to make the world better



This film was so sad. There is something wrong with the justice system how can America one of the worlds freest nation have the most people in jail. Are we actually free, or are we free until congress/law makers decide they want to change/ make up a law that makes a harmful act into a felony.

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Why does our government build cases when there is no case, how can this be he way our nation operates there is no evidence so they gets friends and loved ones scared so they start saying things that can be misconstrued and gets people arrested and locked up in jail. For circumstance of a made up crimes all Aaron  wanted was to make the world better.

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Instead of becoming a tech billionaire using his genius, instead he wanted us all to have free access to all the information that is available. Instead of being seen for his greatness he ended up with mental instability and his life ended too soon.





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