Assignment #3 – Are Internet Memes ART?

POWER I MUST HAVE MORE POWER - You Complete Me | Make a Meme

Memes can definitely be considered a form of art, as they often reflect and comment on contemporary culture, politics, and society in a creative and visually engaging manner. Just like traditional art forms, memes convey complex ideas and emotions through imagery and text. They have the power to evoke humor, satire, or even profound social commentary, making them a powerful medium for self-expression and communication. Memes are also participatory in nature, with individuals and communities constantly remixing and reinterpreting them, much like the evolution of art movements over time.

Darth Sidious Unlimited Power | Know Your Meme

Memes are more than self-expression; they are potent communication tools, condensing complex ideas and emotions into easily shareable content that transcends language barriers, educates, entertains, and fosters community, making them a multifaceted means of modern online discourse.

Happy Homer meme

Bart and Lisa Chat meme

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  1. Hello there classmate Yi i like your post! Huge fan of the Simpsonn so that caught my eyes! Thanks for sharing your post with us always a pleasure to read. You did a fantanstic job creating your Gifs

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