Are Memes Art

I began my research by googling, are memes art?
I then used this link to get some useful information on the origins of memes
Apparently the first meme exhibition was held in L.A in 2011.
Richard Dawkins was the first person to use the word meme. The word meme derived from the word mimeme which means imitation.


As art, memes allows the artist to convey your message in the most simplest form.
I love that memes let you share who are without stifling your personal creativity. We do not have to be a subject matter expert.

In my opinion, the more relatable the meme is to the viewers the better it is.

This is one of my favorite memes because I witnessed things like this on a daily basis before. Not fun to do but fun to watch.

I am currently taking five classes with a full time job and in the process of moving. This is my source of power.
So far I love CT101. I do not feel stress during class and I get to do my work on my own time.

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