Are memes Art?

I do think that memes are art. We can express many emotions with them and relate those feeling with friends.

I like all my classes, but there are many occasions when I would prefer not to be there. It becomes so boring when the professor talks. I can hear for long times of periods, but if I am not interested in what they say, my mind goes away, and I cannot understand any word from the professor. Theories of how everything star is boring, at the end I would not remember anything. CT101 is not focused on explaining without stopping. The students’ interaction is more than in other classes; I am not particulate eager to talk but to hear others talk is fun. I like to have something to hear, I also like complete silence but I realized that when I am complete silent I start making noises unconsciously.

this last meme represents me today, the last day of spring break. I did nothing but read comics and go out. I do not regret how I spend my break.