DS106 Project

Storytelling In Different Ways 

The first Project I chose comes from DS106, the subcategory “Design Assignments.” The assignment was to make a sports poster using text, images, and any editing software to produce a cohesive design. I felt inspired to choose this Project for reasons such as a passion for sports, honing in on my Adobe Creative Cloud skills, and believing I could execute this independently. Although I was eager to start, I faced challenges along the way and discovered the importance of self-learning resources while problem-solving innovatively.                               

Dame Time Poster/// By Tashi Dorjee

For this Project, I allocated most of my time to Photoshop and Illustrator, which I believe are critical tools in building strong storytelling skills. No matter the Project, Adobe Creative Cloud can be a valuable skill to create strong stories, and that is why I look forward to using every opportunity in & out of class to familiarize myself with the software.

The second Project I chose is from DS106, the subcategory “video assignments.” Every Hour Vlog is about recording small clips of my day every hour and using video editing software to create a well-connected Day Vlog. This Project stuck out to me because I have no experience in video editing or production but understand that it is paramount to my overall storytelling repertoire. As someone who loves watching cinematography, I am constantly amazed by the visual representation of stories and how WHOLE narratives can be through moving pictures.

I look forward to exploring this Project in my off time and hoping for similar exposures in CT101 to build a solid foundation within this medium.

In conclusion, video storytelling is a different media type I have yet to learn. I understand it is a whole other language that takes time to master; however, I believe it will pay great dividends with the unique way stories are shared.