Are Memes considered art?

For me, Memes has always been a great way to cheer myself up. I send memes to my friends as well and that definitely is a great way for me to laugh and relax. I believe that Memes gives us the option to be cheerful and happy amongst the tough times.

Obviously CT  has been one of my favorite class because of the creative content creation, so here are my thoughts about it through a meme:

This is another one of my favorite memes, trying to watch my favorite shows but there are always assignments to complete:

During my regular semester, it is very rare to have free time, and then when I have more than enough free time left, so I get suspicious 😛

This is a common occurrence before classes and meetings, I find it funny and thought of making this meme:

I like this meme because of how relatable the content is:

These are my thoughts every night and loved the content as well:

This one is very funny as well:

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