Are Memes Art?/ Feelings for CT101 Assignment

This is exactly how I feel about this class. Lol I hope my computer science Professor doesn’t see this. This class incorporates the communication portion and development of current computer knowledge whereas computer science focuses on the business portion of spreadsheets and portfolio development, which was also very useful however very monotonous.

As much as I’ve enjoyed my academic experience in college, aside from my major there were not many classes that encouraged the expansion of my creativity skills until my final 2 semesters. CT101 and Photography will definitely be those 2 elective courses that explored the fun and entertaining portion of college. A class made FOR its students, especially uplifting during these difficult times.

First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil. This meme is hilariously on point. I currently do not have a reason to get up early everyday and leave home and my current sleep schedule is going whack a mole. No matter how much I sleep I’m always tired, coffee is now my bestfriend, send help pls lol