Assigment #11 – Wow


Musica Relax GIF by TikTok Italia

Wow, I’m just impressed. When I looked at the website and how it was structured, I love it. But what I enjoy more was the idea behind the website. I did not think of this, but a song-themed website is an interesting idea. Like, everybody listens to a song, so it will be a good idea to make it. Also, there’s something I would like to copy from Shania Choudhury. He added a video from YouTube and post it on his pages. This is intriguing because every week he will update that. That makes users that know about the website visit it each week to see what’s new. So many cool concepts I see from this.

(For some reason the video won’t show)

Metallica: Enter Sandman (Official Music Video) – YouTube

(For some reason the video won’t show)

I’ll like to suggest this song for the next week. See? The mechanic that you used make for things like this to happen. Your website is now more interactive than most because you have this feature. I’m definitely going to use something like this for my website. I would like to choose this song because I like it a lot and the song reminds me of Mariano Rivera, one of my favorite pitcher of all time. Also, something you can include for your website is a voting system. Maybe people can vote which song is for next week. I recommend checking out: Jaimuslux – Food for the Soul

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  1. Love that GIF at the top of this post!
    Great work on this!
    Ohh a tech glitch via YouTube link? OK, make sure you are embedding the right link (should be this one – ) let me know how it goes – always use the share button and copy the link from there – try that 🙂

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