Assignment #5 – Media making

While I was looking for assignments, I immediately went to “Web Assignments”. I did this because I love working in anything related to the web, since I’m a web developer. To my disappointment, all the assignments were entry level, but I was looking for something more complex. It took me a couple of minutes to choose. Because they were really simple, and I think that was the main drawback. But I understand since this is an entry course, I only wish I could code in this “Web Assignments”.

I always wanted a 3D printed, sadly they are expensive. So I know that I don’t have the requirement tool or either the knowledge to operate the machine. By the end of the semester, I would like to learn how to work with one of this. I choose to Mash It and Make It as my first assignment.

The reason why I choose the Digital Tool Assignment is that I always find myself using them. I love how the web is growing and application are moving little by little to the web where they are easier to use. As a web developer I always find myself needing to change an image color to make it match with a particular website, remove background or find a specific HTML color of an image.  All these tools are in Photoshop, but I find it annoying to have to open it and do all of this when I can simply copy the image URL and do this on the web.

LunaPic is a simplified version of photoshop on the web. The web application have different use, but today I want to concentrate in the change color feature. This feature is one that I use the most because I don’t always get the color that I need for a certain project.

First, we need to click the image in the middle to directly upload the photo we want to change, or we can also put the link of the image below. Then we need to get to the change color section here.

Zooming in we can see where we will put the color we would like to change to image to (we can choose the color in HTML like #000 or #fff).

I’ll be using the image below and the color #f44336 to change.The Basic Guide to Acrylic Painting Tips and Techniques for Beginners - HERCOTTAGE | Simple canvas paintings, Easy canvas painting, Silhouette painting Now that we have the image and color, we will need to click on the image to see how intense we want the filter to apply.

Here is how:
Image from Gyazo
When we are ready to save the image, we look down and choose the best option for what we need. You can download it, share it in social media or the must likely outcome, sent it to imagur and have the link instantly.

Thanks for reading the tutorial!

Assignment #4- To Meme, yes

Are memes ART?


Pin on Memes Created from Historical Pieces of Art

I mean, they literally have a museum, as I showed in my previous post. So they literally are, even by definition. “The expression … of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form … appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

ProFootballTalk on Twitter: "Panthers trade for a QB but may still draft one at 8, then they trade a QB to Broncos, who may still draft one at 9. And around and

At first I was skeptical about starting this assignment. Yes, is a dream come true, but doing this kind of activities belong to a community you are comfortable with. Unfortunately, It’s really hard to set limits and know which memes you post make an impact. I’m not a memer myself, but a lot of people tell me I should make them. Here’s my first try ever:

Buff Doge vs. Cheems Meme | Me in CT101; In MATH221 | image tagged in memes,buff doge vs cheems | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Honestly, It’s so good to write an article doing memes. I just feel like everything I say, I could pair it with a good meme. I used imflip in order to make the meme above I recommend this page because it has a lot of templates to choose from.


If Ur an Art Major and Can't Name This Piece Drop Out | Dank Meme on ME.ME

I remember a part of my life that was reminded to me when I read the article by the verge about danks memes. It happened at my first year of college, I was mostly alone since I did not know anyone and all my friends went to a different college. I use to refuge myself in memes and watch them to forget about all of what was happening in my life. I watched so many memes that I got into a section called dank memes. The taste of memes becomes a different meaning to me. How a previous meme that I saw could be made to illustrate something different. A different emotion, those olds memes powered with intense music and loud colors. I’ll spend my nights watching compilations of them before going to sleep. That’s why I think they are art


In conclusion…
Ight Imma Head Out | Know Your Meme


Assignment #2 Last minute with gif

Taking CT101 was a last minute for me

Work Time GIF by Kroppa Digital Agency

Before this class I was enrolled in a drawing class, it was drawing 101. But I was enrolled into two communication technology classes. In CT160 and CT201, that’s when I realized something. CT is like media, I personally did not know about this career  path. But I did take a media class back in BMCC. And it was one of my favorite class. I was so good at it, just editing and publishing media. My creative freedom went to the roof in that class. I was finally able to combine my computer skills with how I wanted to express. Something Computer Science failed to give to me in some way.

Free Speech Media GIF by INTO ACTION

Why did I choose this class on last minute? I remember it, I was so worried if it would even work. But as soon as I took my first CT160 I knew it… Communication technology is for me. But what do I do now? I’m basically done with my CS degree, I have literally already completed all my credits on Computer Science. I can’t just change my degree now, but then I thought. I’m taking already like 3 classes on CT, what if I go for a minor in CT?

Bill Gates Swag GIF
It was going to be an all white post, but… Look at Bill Gates dab, literally my reaction after everything worked out.

My brain fly figuring everything out that day. Literally the next day after August 26 you would not be able to change classes. So I took the step and swapped drawing 101 for communication technology 101. I’m so glad that I took that step, specially after I felt the spirit of the professor. It reminded me of the first media class I took. It feels good to be able to express yourself.

The idea of a museum for memes sounds very interested. The internet has a lot of stories to tell. The good news is that all the past information about the internet is being preserved in websites like way back machine.  And even websites like YouTube will have their servers with the things that has happened there. I heard about a museum that china has made to relive the internet story. It is nostalgic to see the memes from the past and how something so simple could make us laugh.

fashion choose GIF

I always find myself using Imgur to upload images, in few occasions I have uploaded a GIF. So it did not come from me to search for GIFs there. I knew about Giphy, but I never use it a lot. Now I’ll start using it more since the variety and ease to use convinced me to do so.

I cannot compare this class to even other medias classes that I have take. Because the attitude that I have been having towards the course is different. It just does not feel like I’m working for a deadline. It comes naturally from me to share what I’m thinking, and it just happens to be related to a class assignment. I’m not sure what’s the potential of the class yet. I have no idea what I’ll end up doing with all the skills that I have been learning on the course, but I’ll be remembering this class for the rest of my life.

Bill Gates Swag GIF
I could have a conclusion, but look at Bill Gate’s dab, it gets me every time.

Assignment #1: Baseball Reference!

24 times that the now-24-year-old Shohei Ohtani has made our jaws drop | MLB .com

I started to watch baseball again after I saw the juniors do something massive in the past years

Specially young talents from my country braking records of big players. I have been watching baseball all my life since is a huge deal in my country. Now that I’m older, I start to understand a lot beyond the game that I couldn’t understand back in the day. As I watched this season I saw how Juan Soto in the 2019 world series and even now broke so many records. Then I started thinking, who were the people that originally set the record. Because it is way easier to break something then actually being the first one in doing it.

Baseball Reference front page

While I was doing a research I found a website recently that have store all the data from games even from 1900. Everybody knows Babe Ruth, what he did will stay in baseball forever. But if it wasn’t for this website, I would never know the story of Ty Cobb.

Ty Cobb Once Beat Babe Ruth … at Golf | SwingU Clubhouse
Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb

He’s a legend of the same era as Babe Ruth. While I was looking at his stats on the website. I couldn’t understand why he was a Hall of Fame. It has been so long ago since he played, when I saw only 117 home runs I was confused. How can a HoF only have 117 HR, it didn’t make sense to me…

This is what someone who saw him play have to say

Warm up this winter and work on your baseball skills with Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth | MLB.com

Until I looked to the left and saw the second  most hit of all time was set by him in his era. It was impressive for me to think that, I would never have though that man would be the person with so many hits after seeing his HR so low in 24 seasons. That was the first time I saw him on the website. Since then, I have been looking at so many other players that I didn’t get to see play, but their records I don’t think would ever be broken. I hope I get to talk about another player next post, “The player who got tired of hitting“. Leave in the comments who you think this player is.