Assignment #11- Social Media & WordPress

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It’s very exciting to see all the different websites my fellow classmates have made. It’s really nice to see their websites surrounding their interests and the things they are passionate about. They all look great and can’t wait to see more of their blog posts in the future.

Screenshot of Kiara’s website.

I really liked Kiara’s website, there are three categories which are very helpful to get around the page. I’m very excited to read more because although I do not have curly hair, I hope she talks about products or/and ingredients that are not healthy for the scalp and hair itself. Also because I have somewhat damaged hair and will be cutting it short very soon. Also I did comment on her first blog post, I think it’s interesting because it feels like we are reading a story and it left off with a cliff-hanger. 

Screenshot of Nader’s website based on photography.

I also really liked Nader’s website. The background complements all the photos added so well. The blog posts are very informative and are interesting to read. I learned about the architectural Shahareh Bridge and its history. 

Screenshot of my newest blog post.

For my new blog post I actually created a new category as well. Throughout the weekend I stumbled upon a TikTok and it made me think about how much I enjoy reading and listening to poems. Therefore the category I added was Poetry, and with the assignment including social media I thought it was the perfect combination.

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  1. Great work! As always!
    Thank you for the detailed review of some of your classmates websites!
    There is so much good work being done as we inch closer to our final deadline.
    Your site is looking really great, super well organized and full of good energy!

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