Assignment #1: Happy on the Internet

I spend an absurd amount of time on tiktok. I love watching comedy skits, dancing, and the crazy transitions people edit. It is an app full of creativity and it always brightens up my day. My favorite trend on tiktok right now is students catching “devious licks.”  It’s a guilty pleasure but it sparks joy. I know the trend can be problematic but I can’t help find it hilarious.

It started off  as an innocent joke…

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Students were taking a single pump of soap and hand sanitizer putting it in their pocket and taking it home or even a handful of water. They would also take a single paper towel home. Students would also take a single piece of loose-leaf  paper from someone and call it a “devious lick.” The goal was to take a school item home.

This trend took a dark turn when it turned into …  

The freshmen at our school seem to have caught up on this new “devious lick” TikTok trend. Now the boys are restricted to two restrooms because they kept vandalizing and stealing theStudents taking soap dispensers off the wall! 

It humored me watching what students came up with as their “lick”.  It was all innocent fun in the beginning. Some students took it too far by taking the entire soap dispenser but I still found it funny to watch other peoples mischievousness. Especially since schools are aware of this trend and had to make announcements over the manner. The things people will do for some clout on the internet is questionable but entertaining.


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  1. Good work on this! Ohhh lets add some youtube videos to share more context! The mixture of images, hyperlinks and video are a great media formula for storytelling! Can you add 2-3 videos from youtube that make you happy? 🙂

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