Assignment #1: What makes me happy on the internet? Youtube

Assignment #1: What makes me happy on the internet? YouTube

YouTube is a social media platform for many creators to express themselves and create content for viewers to enjoy. It’s been around for years now and it continues to grow as more content creators provides a great experience for their audiences. I personally enjoy watching YouTube videos daily ranging from reaction videos to gameplay videos. 

Reaction videos are interesting content to me mostly because it’s reacting to other people’s thoughts and feelings towards something. Watching a reaction video to a funny video will often have me laughing more at the reaction rather than the funny video itself.


Me laughing at a reaction video
Me laughing at a reaction video








Not only do reaction videos peek my interest, they also have me wanting to watch more. The content creators do a fantastic job in peeking my interest because of the way they react, no matter if it’s exaggerated or not. Bringing more comedy in a video is something that makes me thrilled to watch another video and it’s something that can be laughed about with friends or family.

How I act when there's more reaction videos
How I act when there’s more reaction videos

Like previously stated, I also like watching gameplay videos. Meaning I like watching people play various of games. I would rather see someone else’s way of playing a game rather than playing a game myself. There are times when I decide that I would like to play a game myself, but most of the times I enjoy watching others play the games. I have watched reaction videos to the recent reveal of Spider-Man 2 & Wolverine video games being made by the same developers who made the first two Spider-Man games and seeing the reactions of the content creators to the end trailer of Spider-Man 2 had me like…

Me and Reactors reacting to the ending of the video game trailer for SpiderMan-2
Me and Reactors reacting to the ending of the video game trailer for SpiderMan-2

This is the video that had me and content creators shocked and surprised by the Spider-Man 2 trailer. I enjoyed many of their reactions and it created more of an excitement for the game that wasn’t as prevalent as it now.






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  1. Excellent! Good work on this post so far! I really like the descriptions and the reaction GIFs to help tell the story! Since the focus of your Internet happiness is drawn from YouTube, then we need MORE video examples embedded in this post from youtube! Im hoping to see at least 4-8 examples of your happiness from youtube soon! Have Fun! Good Work!

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