HAIRCARE MAKES ME HAPPY EVERYDAY! (Assignment#1 by Sajani Sufian)

I am a haircare freak. I spend a lot of time researching how to take good care of my hair and grow it longer . I cut my hair by myself at home last year and it became really short. So, I am always looking for more tips and natural ways to grow it longer. Recently something caught my eyes and here it is.

I love how the experts share simple and easy tips to keep our hair healthy naturally. ♥ Anyone can follow this. These tutorials make me happy on the internet. As I am always searching on these tips; now my social media platforms, YouTube homepage is most of the time flooded with haircare video suggestions. It makes me happy hence the internet makes me happy! 〈♥〉

Yes, I feel REALLY good and happy taking care of my hair however it is. 

But as of talking about being patient about it? Not me! I have been extremely impatient about growing my hair longer! Well, I have calmed down a bit now when it’s way longer than before.

As we all get bored at some point with our looks, I made a little change on the front part of my hair. But I DID NOT shorten the length!! I just did the bangs on the front part of my hair following the tutorial above and that’s all. My looks are refreshed and I get to keep my long desired hair length!

Working on the betterment of my hair health always makes me happy. Watching these tutorials, reading articles on what to do to stop hairfall, grow hair longer, etc are the sources that make the internet a fun place for me.

Enjoy my post and the clips that I have attached!


1 thought on “HAIRCARE MAKES ME HAPPY EVERYDAY! (Assignment#1 by Sajani Sufian)”

  1. Good work on this! I like all of the examples and the formatting of your post! The one thing that you forgot to mention was: the assignment asks us to talk about the Internet. What is making you happy on the Internet. So we need to add some context into your post that helps the reader know that these online spaces that bring you happiness are a part of your post. 🙂
    Remember, we can always more or subtract content from our posts anytime.
    Good work!

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