Assignment #1- Happy on the Internet

what makes me happy on the internet 

I need my phone
I need my phone

Whenever I’m stress, sad, or overwhelmed, I look at my phone and go on the internet 

Many platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, tik tic, or even Facebook are available to visit, which can help change your mood from sad to joyful.

I’m a super fan of YouTube; it generally has everything I need, from fun stupid videos to educational professional videos that explain what I’m looking for in detail.

The other day I broke my phone, I took it to the phone technician, and he asked for $240 to fix it, but thanks to YouTube, I set it myself for free I only had to purchases the screen for $60.

I majored in accounting, and many topics needed a little more explanation than what the professor went over. Thanks to professor Farhat’s for guiding most accounting through college with his excellent explanation of every subject. Going to class knowing what I was talking about made me super happy, and most importantly, I got A+ in most of my accounting courses.

As a child, I loved watching Tom and Jerry, and YouTube made it possible for me to watch at any time.

There have been so many dance videos trending on the internet, and I could not do it, but soon YouTube will teach me them.

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  1. Good work on this! Nice series of images, GIFs and storytelling in terms of sharing parts of life as well as where the info comes from. It would be great if you added a bit more “spice” here by telling what you like about these things? What did you like about the Tom & Jerry cartoon? Is there a specific thing or things that you recall? Describing sentiments can be a challenge and it takes practice for sure! Best part about using wordpress is that we can always add more to our posts as we learn in real time. Good work!

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