Assignment #12 CT101 Final Blog Post

CT101 Final Blog Post/ Nader Nagi 

It is the time of the year, Christmas approaching, and a whole new year is ready to come. For college students, we all know these last two weeks of December are where we work and study extra hard for our finals to make sure we get the best grades possible for our hard work and dedication.

Nevertheless, it is my last and final week as an undergrad, and I can say that these past five years have been a successful, teachable journey: many successes, failures, sleepless nights, tears, happiness, and many other memorable moments. I recall certain times when I wanted to give up, thinking about dropping out of college. However, I can proudly share with everyone in CT 101 that giving up is not an option when you have a dream, and here I am at the edge of my dreams.

But wait, let me not be so happy for now because I still have my only and final work post for CT 101. So, please come with me and share my overall opinion on CT 101. In this post, I will give you a detailed recap of everything I’ve learned, earned, and completed for CT 101, so please feel free to share your opinion about my work, and if I deserve a good grade for my work.

CT 101 “Digital art” is a class that allows its students to share their imaginations, expression, and feeling through storytelling using random pictures, videos, gifs, memes, and many other fun platforms. Here I am writing my final graded assignment for CT 101. I will conclude my semester experience with CT 101 as the most interesting, valuable, entertaining class I’ve ever enrolled in while attending York College.

For now, let me share the type of project and assignment I was required to do, let’s start off with

Assignment #1- Happy on the Internet – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(To share what makes you happy on the internet)

Assignment #2 stressful first week of classes- How I feel about CT 101. – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(To share and express your thoughts about CT 101 in the first week using Gifs and Imgur, as well as sharing some of the histories of Gifs)

Assignment #3 To MEME or not to MEME- The Art of MEME’s – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(To share the searched information about the existence of MEME’s. TO MEME or NOT to MEME.)

Assignment #4- DS106 – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(Using DS 106 Assignment Repository, Pick two topics and recreate the assignment using your own style)

Assignment #5 – Digital Art Making Immediacy – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(Using the, share and express what makes you and inspires you to be who you are today)

Assignment #6- The Mid- Semester Assessment Post – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(Recap on all of the above assignment)

Assignment #7 Domain Names – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(thought on the type of Domain names you would like to use for your websites)

Assignment #8 – Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set-Up & WordPress Installation! – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(register the domain using the free coupons, set up and install WordPress into your first and official website)

Assignment #9 customizing my website – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(Customize your website as you wish to be observed by others, Pages, posts, categories, installations, and navigating the menus)

Assignment#10 My beautiful Yemen – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

( your first post on your new website)

Assignment # 11 Social Media N’ WordPress – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

(to share the website URL and progress, comment and share your thoughts about others websites)

Through these great posts, I can say I have enjoyed learning about all types of fun Giphy, memes, Imgur,, DS106, and all the history that relates to each of the above. However, what I enjoyed the most has become one of my most remarkable skills. Some of these skills are creating Gifs and using the photopea website to recreate imaginary objects the way I want to make them look. Check MY Assignment #4- DS106 – CT101 Digital Storytelling ( and look at “the concert you want to be at.”  

Another fun, enjoyable, valuable skill I’ve learned, is of course, how to register a domain and start building a website. This skill will allow me to make money, help others promote their business, and stay up with the technical building.

Will I maintain my new website? Of course, even though this website started as a school assignment, the professor gave us full ownership of the website, and I will take full advantage of the opportunities. It may not sound like a great, successful idea for now, but magics happen, and someone from this class might become a millionaire simply by using their new website as their future business. 

I shared many posts, videos, and photos of Yemen on my website this website, I will continue to inspire and inform everyone about Yemen’s lovely culture and traditions and ignore the negative perspective gained from the news. I will continue to post some historical events, places, cities, trips, and many other fun activities that I can accomplish while in Yemen through this website.

The main question of this post is, do I deserve an A grade? Yes, I believe I deserve this grade. Let me show you why. Looking back at my posts, many will agree that I have developed a new style each week; my post has become more creative, fun, and enjoyable to read. Of course, I can’t simply grade myself because I will be biased, but look at some of my professor’s comments that have encouraged me to work harder and perform my best work every week.

when I ask if I deserve the A

Here are some of the comments 

Epic post! Thank you so much for the thoughtful crafting of this post! Indeed a work of art itself! I really love the memes that you have created, and curated here. I love the use of context, hyperlinking to essays and other student’s posts to! Plus the mention of DOGE! This is what we come here for! Well done! Great work, and really nice example for our classmates!”

Excellent work on this! Thank you so much for the thoughtful and well crafter response! This is great example for all to refer to! Thank you for the kind words about the course, there is so much more to come! Keep rockin’ it!”

This is the beauty of seeing each other work in process, contrast, and more contrast, and more…Thank you for the really great posts each week! You have developed a “style” in your blogging!”

These comments made my day when I was reading through them, so I decided to work harder and show the skills I’ve learned from Professor Ryan. 

Aside from the posts and skills I developed from CT 101. I was a very active student. I read through my classmate’s work and shared my opinion about their posts. I was active during the lectures by asking questions and clarification when I was confused with something. 

To ensure that I deserve the A grade, let me take you on tour through my website to observe the work and skills I’ve developed while building my website. 

Home Page

It is the home page of my website. It includes my website logo, an organized menu that provides a home page, blog, about, history, and photography, as well as a brief introduction to my website.

Also, on the home page, I included a brief introduction about Yemen and a photo of my beautiful home city Ibb. I also used the home page to remind visitors to look at other posts in the history section.

Of course, let’s not forget about the blog section where most of the work will post. The blog section gives the website visitors a hint about the type of projects that have been posted.

The history section of my website will include historical information about my home country Yemen. As we can see from the above picture we can see a historical introduction about the Shahara Bridge.

The second post is about the beautiful Socotra Island, on this post, visitors will experience the magical moments of observing some of the most beautiful photos of Socotra.  

The third post gives my website visitors a taste of Yemen’s most knowing locations such as Bab Alyemen, Rock palace, Sab Kindom, Hadhramaut kingdom, and the old city of Sanna.

Finally, let’s not forget to look at the about section that includes a few paragraphs introduction about who I am and what I share on my website.

The process of building a website was precious. I was able to learn so much about building a website, adding pages, and playing with the website’s format. It was so much fun but challenging to complete, it took time and courage to complete, but the results were outstanding.

My current usage of the website is to share some of the stunning history and pictures of Yemen, but soon, I will also add more creative posts about NY, Sport, Art, cars, and other stuff related to my everyday activities.

Sadly, this is my last post in CT 101, and I would like to give a special thanks to the most fantastic professor Ryan. His way of teaching was incredible, fun, and totally different from the other professor. His lectures were well organized, clear, and straightforward.

It’s hard to say, but it must be said, Good Bye everyone. I wish you all a happy holiday and a successful future. It was great meeting you all.

Assignment # 11 Social Media N’ WordPress


I really can’t believe the thoughtful work done by many of my classmates. There is a lot of great work done on the websites, and for sure, most of the websites are very impressive and have creative structures and website setup. Many had shared some outstanding blogs that they liked to share with us, so let’s take the time and check out their website, support them and leave some comments on their website comment section.

One of the website structures that caught my attention was Victor’s. The home page is impressive, simple, and unique. I like how Victor has highlighted all the menu sections in black and set them in the center of his page. The fact that there isn’t any background picture makes it catch people’s attention. 

Another website I like is Alejandro’s website. I like the podcast and the music artist introduction sections. It looks impressive, and I’ve learned a lot about great artists like Adele, Clairo, Kevin Karl, and many others. And of course, let’s not forget about Alejandra’s first post, where she shared her thoughts about CT 101 and how she overthink the website building process. I’m sure we all experience stress before we start working on the website to realize it is fun but undoubtedly time-consuming.

Be sure to explore some of the other websites and let us know what you think about their website progress in your post.

Assignment#10 My beautiful Yemen

Hello Class, come and check out my first post about my lovely Yemen

Dear CT 101 classmates,

Do you Want to learn something fun and exciting from the other side of the world? Well, come and explore my new Website NaderPhotography  

I’ve loved to share great things about my home country, Yemen. Yemen has been in a difficult situation since the civil war started in 2014. However, many people lack knowledge about Yemen’s remarkable history, civilization, culture, and tradition. Therefore, I would love to use my new Website to share some history about Yemen with the rest of the world. 

In my first post, Shaharah Bridge. I decided to share some great information about the historical Shahara Bridge. If you want to learn more about this beautiful bridge, click here and check it out on my Website.

Also, do not forget to have a look at the collection of stunning photos from Socotra Island. A new post about Socotra will be posted on my Website in the upcoming week. 

Assignment #9 customizing my website

Assignment #9 customizing my website

The semester is coming to an end, and my college life is reaching its completion. Soon I will be graduating and moving on to start my career. But most importantly, I am happy I was able to take CT101 in my final semester and officially become a website owner.

It might not be easy, but it was fun building and customizing my new website. Following the professor zoom video, I was able to go back and forth to make sure I was doing it correctly. Still, I realized the professor wanted to see something unique that had the same idea but done differently, so I started customizing using my imagination of how I wanted my website to look.

I started working on deleting all defaults pages and website structure. I put most of my focus into testing rather than just posting or making a change. I wanted to learn more about WordPress, so I started testing all columns I could access.

Once I deleted all the website default pages, I used the customizing button to start my journey.

Starting with site identity, I searched and customized my logo, gave my site a title, and picked a unique site icon.

Looking for the correct background that allowed my website visitors to observe all content was not easy. It took me some time to set a background picture that I felt was calm and beautiful at the same time.

What I felt was most important was organizing my menu. I was undecided about what to blog about, and I kept adding and deleting pages on my primary menu.

Moving on to the dashboard was also fun there. I learned how to navigate through my website, how to post pages and new blogs. Also, there were so many helpful tools users able to use to enhance their website.


As we advance, I will brainstorm some useful blogs that will allow me to share my daily routines with the rest of my class. I am also planning to use this website to enable people to learn about my home country Yemen. On this website, people would see beautiful places from Yemen along with some history.

Since we are owners of the website, let’s keep in mind what George Washinton once said



Assignment #8 – Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation!

Assignment #8 – Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set-Up & WordPress Installation

I am now an owner and founder of

Finally, I can proudly say that I can create my website using a few easy steps shown by professor Rayn.

I couldn’t hide my scary feeling when I heard Prof. Rayn mention something about working on the website and registering our domine at the beginning of the semester. I was somewhat scared, and I asked myself if I had made the right choice to enroll in CT101. I was expecting something complex that would take a lot of studies and time to get done, but likely it was an easy, fun process.

Visual search query image

First off, we must have done our research to ensure that the domains are available, and of course, that was done in assignment#7. Once that was done we gained access to the free coupon provided by prof. Rayn. 

Once my website was set up and officially had my domine, I became the owner of the website. I installed the WordPress application. It was super easy to do, It was fun, and I had some excellent set up. I expected it to be difficult, but it turned out to be easy and quick to complete, and I can’t wait to get the prof. Rayn instruction on setting up the website and making it looks official, looking forward to learning a lot. 

See the source image

Assignment #7 Domain Names

Assignment #7 Domain Names

It’s time to have some fun 🙂

See the source image

I’ve always dreamed about having my website, but I never have the tools and knowledge to make one. I always wanted to promote my family-owned business through social media and have its online website to attract more customers. The lack of knowledge about the website and IT, in general, made it seem like creating a website was impossible, or at least I was not trying enough. However, I am super happy I enrolled in this class which would provide me with the knowledge of creating and setting up a professional website that will belong to me.

I choose this domain name because I love to take photos of everything I see around me, especially pictures and videos of nature. I recently had a trip to Yemen, and I was able to take some photos and videos of some of the most beautiful locations in Yemen. And I would like to use this website to share my experiences with others and keep my photos and videos safe.

this is a screenshot from one of my TikTok videos which shows the beauty of Yemen.


My future jobs will specialize in accounting that includes various services such as taxation, advisory, consulting, and assurance services. I want to create N&N accounting firm LLC to represent my field of expertise and be the CEO and founder of N&N accounting firm. The name of this website represents the first initials of my first and last name, and accounting means everything we do at the firm and is not limited to just the accounting work. Still, it would also include translations, business licenses preparation, as well as immigration services.


I want to use this website to promote my smoke shop product that I plan to open soon. Since high school, I have worked in a deli and have the knowledge and expertise to run my own business. My website would help me list all my products online to inform my clients of all products and services we provide.


Everyone loves fashion and likes to dress clothes that will attract everyone’s attention, and this is why I’m coming up with Nader’ This website will list all types of clothing including big names such as Louis Vuitton, Cucci, supreme, Nike, etc. However, what would make this website so unique is the is mixer of middles eastern and western perspectives. I am originally a middle eastern man, and we have a dress code that might be unusual to western fashion. Using my new website and fashion industry, I would make clothing design that mixes an Arab with a western style. This website will promote the latest product and enhance the point of view toward the Arab world by showing the amazing clothe and dress type we have.

some of the Arab dress styles I will have on my website, which I will also put some western touch to it.

Not many know, but Yemen used to export the best coffee in the world. In fact. Mocha coffee, people’s most favored coffee, was first exported from Yemen. The early treader gave the name Mocha referring to the Al Moka port city. A port in Yemen that was considered the top center for coffee trading in the 17th century. On this website, I would provide the customer with all kinds of Yemen coffee. This website would bring awareness to people about the best coffee and bring back all the coffee lovers to the best coffee of Yemen.

See the source image

One of my favorite websites is Amazon. I like Amazon because it provides everyone with their necessary needs. It is easy to memorize and popular with everyone. It allows anyone to shop while lying on their beds.


Assignment #6- The Mid- Semester Assessment Post

Assignment #6- The Mid- Semester Assessment Post

Tap to activate or exit full screen

How am I doing in CT101?

I will try to stay unbiased when writing this post. But I enjoy attending CT 101 every Tuesday, it is not just a class that involves fun topics and creative experiences, but it taught by one of the most incredible professors I’ve ever met in York College. I feel like I’m doing great in the class so far. The assignment is straightforward in what needs to be included in the post and the formatting of our posts.

What grade do I believe I am maintaining and what evidence shows my assessment? (List each completed blog post as a hyperlink and also state what assignments you are missing)

So far, I have completed all the assignments needed for CT 101. However, When it comes to grading, I always wanted an A+, but I think I deserve an A- or B+ since I haven’t gone back to the assignment that needs some correction using the professor’s comments. Also, I have commented on some of my classmates work, but I can’t find them when I search for Nader comments, so I need to go back to every post and make sure to comment again while login into my account. 

See the source image

  1. Assignment #1- Happy on the Internet – CT101 Digital Storytelling (
  2. Assignment #2 stressful first week of classes- How I feel about CT 101. – CT101 Digital Storytelling (
  3. Assignment #3 To MEME or not to MEME- The Art of MEME’s – CT101 Digital Storytelling (
  4. Assignment #4- DS106 – CT101 Digital Storytelling (
  5. Assignment #5 – Digital Art Making Immediacy – CT101 Digital Storytelling (

What have I learned the most? What is my greatest learned asset in this class so far?

I have learned a lot during these past seven weeks, starting with using Giphy and Imgur. Before taking this class, I always saw gifs on social media platforms, and I wanted to learn how to make them. CT 101 allowed me to learn about the Giphy platform and turn small clips into gifs. I also have learned about memes, one of the most exciting projects I completed for CT 101. Completing Are memes art was so much fun. I learned how to use and make memes simply by including my thoughts and imagination. Also, one of my greats learning assets in this class so far is learning how to do photoshop and merge different pictures to make them seem as authentic as possible using Photopea.  I have also learned how to express my life details in a simple creative website called mmm.

What new skills have I developed, cultivated, and displayed regularly in my posts?

CT 101 has allowed me to develop critical thinking skills. I can now think out of the box and use my imagination to create a creative post that includes a mixer of memes, gifs, videos, hyperlinks, etc. See the source image

Aside from publishing my blog post assignments, how do I assess my participation, commenting, and discussion performance in this class?

Aside from publishing my blog post assignments, I intend to comment in the chatbox during the zoom meetings to stay active and ask questions or concerns. Also, I usually comment on classmates’ post-assignments highlighting their work. It can include both great well-formatted posts or poorly missing information, and for sure, these comments are helpful. It can bring to the writter’s attention any missing information needed to be included. 

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

I now know that gifs, memes, and other social media post have their world. I have learned that there are websites dedicated to using and creating this great online funny memes/gifs. I have also learned that no matter what, memes are here to stay, and millions of users and creators will not allow a downfall of these websites like vine and the rest of the funny online websites did. It is a form of art, and it is being taught in university, which only tells me the importance of the digital world. 

See the source image
learning that Gifs and memes taught at school and teachers looking for answers

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain how – or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

From my point of view, the professor’s work is always different from its previous weeks. It always includes a new learning objective with new ideas and topics to talk about. We are always learning something new about the digital world and using different websites to express our life and imagination through storytelling. 

Image result for happy so far expression gifs


Assignment #5 – Digital Art Making Immediacy

Assignment #5 – Digital Art Making Immediacy

What makes us human beings? What makes us different than all other living things? Yes, my friend, let’s look deep into what makes us who we are. We all need the necessary resources to keep us alive, such as air, water, food, home, etc.

But what completes who we are is family, friends, jobs, creativity, education, love, and so on. So let’s use the rectangle screen to express what we love and live based on.

Using the mmm platform, I expressed my life in the form of creativity, but first, take a peek at my website, on the first page. I used iced mountains along with a green forest and a running river background. This background explains my love for nature, clean air, and a beautiful view that motivates me to do my best.

The beautiful statue of liberty expresses my life-changing journey. It represents living the American dream since I immigrated to the United States about eight years ago. I moved from a country that has been in a civil war since 2014, and I can say that moving to the US was the best decision my family made.

As human beings, we need to be loved, and it’s an essential part of our life. The rings represent my marriage journey and the beginning of creating my own little family, including my wife and two children.

People need entertainment, and there’s one thing most people have in common: a sport. The soccer ball is one of the most significant worldwide sport, it is part of people’s lives, and Leo Messi is my favorite soccer player.

Music keeps me going its keeps me motivated and helps me focus. Music allows people to change their moods; it helps them feel better when depressed, stressed, or angry. It keeps us calm and helps us get work done by reducing the stress of overload work. ( I included an Arabic song for one of my favorite artists)

Tax day represents my college journey. I have been in college for five years studying accounting and focusing on the tax field; starting January, I will be a tax export, so have your taxes ready for my review.

In conclusion, using the mmm platform was a great way to summarize what represents who I am. It was easy to use, and it had many unique resources such as gifs, pictures, links to outside resources and most importantly, it allowed me to have my unique website.


Assignment #4- DS106

Assignment #4- DS 106- FuN tImE

DS 106 has been one of the most exciting projects I have completed for CT 101 so far. It could seem easy, but it is challenging, especially when scrolling through all the options available on DS 106. Honestly, it took me a few hours going through all the projects posted on DS 106 website, as well as reading through them to see what looks engaging.

When I finally decided to choose the topic I would be working on. I realized that using photopea website was not an easy task. However, I looked over the zoom recording and some YouTube videos to get as many tips as possible when using photo pear. I can proudly say that I have learned a lot, and I would like to share them with you.

First, let’s discuss the number one part of the assignment. Using DS 106, I found an assignment called “Concert you want to be at.“. The details of this project require having access to any photoshop app, looking up your favorite concert picture, and a picture of yourself that you would like to merge with the concert photo to make it seems like you were there at the concert.

Once the concert photo and picture of myself are ready, I used the recommended edit website of photopea. The next step was to upload both images to the website. I cut myself of the picture using the magic cut button on photopea. You must carefully use this magic cut button to make sure you cut off all the background to get a clean version of yourself. You need to copy and paste the photos into the concert background to turn this magic into creative work. Once both images merge, we must adjust the added photo size to fit the concert audience and make it seem authentic using the free transform option on the website.

it was my turn to perform, as you can see I had to let him know.

For the second part of the assignment, I chose a project labeled as “Hybrid“. The assignment asked to use and combine two or more animals or plants to create a new creature using GIMP or any other photoshop apps to connect the photos of the two animals into one.

However, as a kid, I’ve always thought about what if two different animals get married? What new animal would they produce? as I got older, I realized that was impossible, but photoshop allowed me to picture my childhood imagination. Therefore, I decided to choose a photo of a running cow and an angry lion. I used Photopea to cut the cow head off and replace it with the lion head. My next step was to use the size adjustment to minimize the lion’s head to fit the cow’s body.

I believe I have learned some significant lessons while doing these projects. Firstly, I can create my imagination and use the different apps to turn my imagination into reality. Secondly, I can say that I can now use different photoshop apps and shift my thinking into art.

It might have taken me some time to complete this assignment. Still, since I have the basic skills of cutting, pasting, and turning random photos into one picture, I would like to do as many assignments as possible. Having this type of project will Enhance my creative skills, develop better storytelling skills, and give me more inside knowledge about what to do when using photoshop websites.

These skills are indeed essential which could be used someday in the future. There might be some time my future employer will require me to create a poster that will include some information sessions which need to be creative, and of course, having these creative skills will make me an outstanding individual.



Assignment #3 To MEME or not to MEME- The Art of MEME’s

Assignment# 3 To MEME or not to MEME- The Art of MEME’s

Let us begin this discussion with a simple question are you an internet person? This question will answer this post’s central question of whether Memes Art is Art or not. Many older adults, especially those not into social media, will disregard the question and move on. Therefore, you must be an internet user to know something about memes. So if you’re not an internet user please get some guidance from my boy up there.

MEMEs have become one of the biggest game-changers throughout all social media applications. Yes, the Internet has changed our lives completely. Most people have heard about vines which were 6-second videos that got so popular throughout the Internet, and of course, now MEMEs had taken over. But what’s most important is do we consider MEME as Art?. First, let’s look at the definition of Art; Art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Of course, as the definition of art, stated it is an expression that includes imagination to send out a message through beauty and emotions. The meme has been here for so long as mention how to geek, “The first published case of the word meme, dates back to Richard Dawkins’ 1976 book.” Dawkins indeed figured that “term because he was trying to figure out whether there was a measurable unit describing how ideas spread and propagated through generations.”

if this consider art why not memes

MEME’s is not only a picture that includes a burst of laughter but is indeed a way of communication and expressing persons feeling throughs MEMEs simply using images and simple text. Memes provide people with ideas that express their opinions using an easy concept most people will understand at their first peak

So now let’s see what the world thinks about memes. According to the Harvard Crimson, “It’s time to reevaluate the artistic thinking, definitions, and limitations around internet culture: Memes are art, and they’re here to stay.” The writer of this article concluded his article by stating that memes are art, and they’re here to stay by demonstrated why and how the meme should get recognized as art. He started by using Wikipedia’s definition of meme  A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme. The writer then explains how the text and graphics connect to send out messages. The text and graphics need each other, bridging the gap between our very human gravitation toward language and our love for anything else that we perceive as visual.”

Memes require a little attention from the viewer to get the main idea behind them. It indeed requires “out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to capture and project an idea outwards”

Now, let’s look at what the video thinks about memes as art. Rugnetta, a Youtuber famous, states that art is creating images and sharing them with strangers for the purpose of communicating their personal experiences?… that’s art”. He indeed concluded his opinion about memes as art not because of his love for memes but by bringing top thinker definition of art like literary giant Leo Tolstoy says “to evoke in oneself a feeling one has experienced and having evoked it in oneself, then by means of movements by lines, colors, sounds or forms expressed in words so to transmit that feeling that other experience the same feeling this is the activity of art. However, if you still think memes are not art, look at how many people share the meme and get the messages immediately, and I believe that the whole purpose of art is to send out a message.

I firmly believe that memes are art, and they’re here to stay no matter how you cut them. As long as the mems are enjoyable, ideals, and shareable, I strongly consider them art. Why do I believes in a meme, yes my friends, as long it communicates with people and sends my message and opinion, I consider it as art, and of course, art was created to motivate others and transmit a sense of humor, and that’s what I encounter in the meme.

Memes are not just a form of self-expression. Still, indeed they are a form of communicating you believe with others in the community, just like what we have seen lately, it has been used to in politics. Many people reshare the memes because they somewhat agree with the message behind them. They share their opinions using funny memes.

Have you heard about memes sells in the auction, yes my friends, there is consideration of opening a museum especially for memes. If you want to find out more, have a look. Are memes the pop culture art of our era? The grumpy cat has recently turn into a meme, and it has inspired many people. “Grumpy Cat recently inspired an art exhibit with over 30 studio artists working to create Grumpy Cat-themed artwork, which was then sold at an auction out of the Lowe Mills Art Gallery in Huntsville, alabama. Memes have also turned old art into a meme.” Memes can blur the line between content and art, but certain pieces that begin as art can also take on the qualities of a meme.”

The article concluded by bringing an essential point to whether you think memes are art or not “there for the people and by the people; the democratization of art without rules and ample creative license.”

if you want to learn more about the museum of memes have a look at Victor Pimentel’s post last minutes with Gif, she shared links about the new museum in Hong Kong.

Finally let’s not forget about the king of memes, Dogecoin, a meme that made people super-rich with a market cap of $30,704,784,677 as of this moment.

king of meme





Assignment #2 stressful first week of classes- How I feel about CT 101.

Assignment #2 stressful first week of School- How I feel about CT 101.

what does picking classes feel like when you finished all the major classes and do not know what to enroll in.

Having over 120 college credits can be exciting but stressful when selecting more classes to complete a 150 CR so I can qualify for the CPA exam since it’s required by the NYS CPA Examination Board. Once my major requirements, Liberal arts, and college options were complete, I was lost in what classes I should be enrolled in my final semester.

thinking about CT 101 before my first class
thinking about CT 101 before my first class

Before attending the first day of class, I was super stressed, thinking about what this class could be. It was a weird name, never heard about it before, and most importantly, it was recommended by a friend who actually got a D grade in this class.

feeling stupid for taking advice from someone who actually failed this class

The first week of the semester, I was enrolled for 18 Cr, but I was waiting to attend the first day of all classes to decide what course I should drop and what to keep. Attending CT 101 first online class was the best thing I had in my first week of school. The Professor is super friendly, calm, and professional. He went over what we will be doing through the semester class, what he expects from students, and the types of assignments we will be doing throughout the semester.

Realizing class is easy, and the Professor is excellent.

I came to learn that CT 101 is all about expressing myself, feeling, and expression through Gifs. unlike my other classes, It is a class that encourages students to use the internet Gifs to express their feeling through writing. It might sound boring, but this is the best and easiest class at York College.

finding out CT 101 is all about storytelling using gifs My first assessment for this class was to write about what makes me happy on the internet, using Gifs to express my love for YouTube. YouTube had made my life super easy and fun as well as it saved me hundreds of dollars for so much stuff I learned to fix at home without spending money on technicians.

Completing my first CT 101 Assignment

For this week’s assignment, I used Giphy and Imgur, and I can tell you that Giphy is 100% better than Imgur. It was super easy to use and navigate through their website, it gets you a better result, and most importantly, I learned something that’s I’ve always wanted to learn, turning funny videos clips into gifs.

how I feel about Imgur

So how I feel about Ct 101 compare to my other classes. Of course, each class has it uniqueness and you can’t really compare one to another. However, we can rate each class based on  its activities, material, and information students gets as a whole. I can tell you that the most fun class is CT 101 so far, I can proudly say that the lecture is super fun and engaging unlike my other class that has 4 hours of boring lectures. I was able to learn about how to use the internet, how to merge it with story telling and how to use gifs and imgur to express your feelings.

to conclude my post, let me share with you some history about Gif. According to Wikipedia, gif stands for graphic Interchange Format, which was officially released in June 1987. the idea behind gif was to solve the compuserve problems which is How to make a computre display an image while also saving memory. according to A Brief History of the GIF, From Early Internet Innovation to Ubiquitous Relic.” Wilhite was able to find a way to share colored image file without taking to much space using a compression algorithm which he called Graphic interchange format (GIF).

Many lack the knowledge that Gif been here for a long time and that’s because it did not get so popular until we started using them in the social media platform like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. however, according The History of Gifs , “Gifs have flashed across many a webpage, flickered within millions of MySpace profiles and glittered among innumerable Tumblrs.”



Assignment #1- Happy on the Internet

what makes me happy on the internet 

I need my phone
I need my phone

Whenever I’m stress, sad, or overwhelmed, I look at my phone and go on the internet 

Many platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, tik tic, or even Facebook are available to visit, which can help change your mood from sad to joyful.

I’m a super fan of YouTube; it generally has everything I need, from fun stupid videos to educational professional videos that explain what I’m looking for in detail.

The other day I broke my phone, I took it to the phone technician, and he asked for $240 to fix it, but thanks to YouTube, I set it myself for free I only had to purchases the screen for $60.

I majored in accounting, and many topics needed a little more explanation than what the professor went over. Thanks to professor Farhat’s for guiding most accounting through college with his excellent explanation of every subject. Going to class knowing what I was talking about made me super happy, and most importantly, I got A+ in most of my accounting courses.

As a child, I loved watching Tom and Jerry, and YouTube made it possible for me to watch at any time.

There have been so many dance videos trending on the internet, and I could not do it, but soon YouTube will teach me them.