Assignment #1 – My Happy Place via Web Edition

There are many websites/apps that make me happy on the internet but if I were to choose one it would be instagram. Instagram makes it easier for people to communicate with their audience through images and videos. Having this platform allowed users to “think outside of the box,” and get creative.

To be honest, I think we can all agree that memes became a thing because of instagram, no?

People have become so famous from utilizing instagram to its fullest advantage. People started businesses, posted their art (and yes, meme’s is art and so are GIFs) and I wish I was one of those influencers/vloggers that got paid for living life but I don’t have the dedication in me.

My favorite feature on instagram is my explore feed. I discover new products, places, and affirmations every single day and although it makes me excited, I also feel overwhelmed. I would scroll through my feed for hours looking through everything, imagining myself wearing the same outfit as the influencer that I am looking at or bridal outfits from London or Pakistan. The explore feed allows me to escape my reality and pretend to live my ‘luxe lifestyle.’

Here is an example of my explore feed. Hope this gives you an idea of what my interests are.


1 thought on “Assignment #1 – My Happy Place via Web Edition”

  1. Good work! You may wish to add a few of your favorite Instagram feeds / users that make you happy, we can always add more content to our blog posts as we go!
    And Ohhh, you will be very surprised at how far back memes go! Wayyyy before Instagram, We will spend a whole class session on the history and making GIFs and Memes!

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