Assignment #1: Internet Happiness

This weeks blog question is “What on the internet brings you happiness?”
Currently, I’m obsess with nail art on Instagram. I love to watch the speed up nail videos, where they show you how they prep the nail and add the nail design.
Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

I would say my nail art obsession started when Governor Cuomo shutdown NYC for what felt like a lifetime for the past 4 months. All non essential businesses were closed, this included nail salons. I was having a difficult time during this time.


Usually, I would pamper myself as a type of self care routine each month. So, when it was evident that I couldn’t go, I felt a little down. I took it upon myself to look for cool nail designs I would like to try post-quarantine. I’ve gotten so invested in the process, that when I look at my camera roll it’s filled with tons of cute nail designs that I screenshot. Lol

Here are some of my favorites:


I love the creativity that comes out while creating the art. It’s amazing how these talented nail technicians can create vivid & detailed art on such a small surface. I personally feel as though nail technicians can be compared to a regular artists. I think these technicians have the perfect jobs, they have the ability to create art and make others feel good about themselves in the process. The job is simply rewarding!

Here are a few nail techs in the NYC that I’ve found while surfing through IG:




Louannie N. Smith

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