Assignment #1 Internet Happy.


Hi my name is Molivia Koning,

I love story writing been doing it for years but have never published anything. Looking forward to get guidance through this class and utilize myself with learning tools to break out of my shell. I hope this class will give me confidence to publish my work.

What made me happy this week, was that one of my inspiring artist Bob Marley movie came out called “ONE LOVE” on February 14th. 2023. Unfortunately I was not able to see the movie because of my busy work schedule but I was still excited that this movie came out, it was long overdue but I guess right timing surpasses personal desires in rare cases and I am looking forward to see the movie soon!

Thank you!

1 thought on “Assignment #1 Internet Happy.”

  1. Great work so far, and congrats on your first post!
    Surely you want to go back in and edit in some images, images help us get a picture of what you are describing, as well as a video to embed (perhaps you can embed the movie trailer from YouTube?)
    Hyperlinks for context also are needed, have fun making the update!
    Looking forward to it, and seeing this movie too!

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