Assignment #1-What Made Me Happy on the Internet this Week

On the Internet I am particularly active mainly on YouTube. I mostly watch content about video games. Especially content in which people make an aspect from or based on a video game or movie into real life. Namely videos made by Hacksmith Industries, 5-year-craft etc.

In addition to this. I also wactch YouTube channels such as GameXplain. I watch them because they give updates on not only video games but also anything video game related. Such as this video regarding the new Super Mario Bros. movie which is 100% on my list of movies to watch this year.




1 thought on “Assignment #1-What Made Me Happy on the Internet this Week”

  1. So far so good!
    Now, we need to add hyperlinks for more context, as well as dig in deeper describing “WHY” you selected these things to share, we can always add more to our posts!

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