Assignment #1: What makes me happy this week!

Assignment #1: What makes me happy this week!
Hello everyone!
There has been so many things that I’ve been excited and fawning over within this week! Social media is a whirlwind and Twitter has been one of the funniest platforms to be on. This week, everyone has been sharing their own memes of the lengths they will go to in order to get some Beyonce tickets for her upcoming Renaissance Tour.  
As much as I think Beyonce is a great artist who has definitely worked hard for career, I will not be paying an arm and leg for her tickets, ha.
Another thing that has been making jump for joy more than ever is watching one of my favorite Youtuber, Monet McMichael post her very own weekly vlog that just updates us on her life, agenda, life as a content creator and her travels.
Something that drives me about seeing her type of work is motivating because she is young like myself, a woman of color who continues to strive better for her life which is inspiring.
I believe another thing that is very exciting about this week is that one of my favorite shows, You, is coming back for their fourth season! The main character , Joe Goldberg is played by one of my favorite actors, Penn Badgley. He is extremely talented and just makes the show amazing! This show comes back February 9th on Netflix.
You is about a bookstore clerk who doesn’t know boundaries when it comes to love and what he will do for love. This is a show full of crime, thriller and some romance. Anybody who watches this show is hooked to Joe’s obsession to any woman he clings on to and I cannot wait to see what he is up to this upcoming season!
But that’s it for the things that had me excited this week! Thank you for tuning in!

5 thoughts on “Assignment #1: What makes me happy this week!”

  1. Hey, Nadasia
    I am too a huge fan of Monet Michael, when her videos appear on my for you page on TikTok I find it so peaceful to watch. It’s like we are apart of her daily routine even though we are not there with her. The memes circulating around the Beyonce tickets are hilarious. My favorite one is if your paying that much for a ticket she’d have to bring out Vybz Kartel who is a dancehall artist.

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