Assignment #1: What’s Making Me Happy This Week?

Hey everyone, out of all the things I can think of I narrowed it down to three things that made me happy this week.  Scooby Doo has been appearing quite frequently this week and is one of the things on my list making me happy. Second on my list would be nail art inspired from a Japanese artist. The final thing on my list would be Kirby, a character well known from Nintendo video games. I could play any Kirby game or look at Kirby memes all day. 

Scooby Doo runs through my mind almost every week but it stood out in this week. This cartoon has taken on so many different forms throughout the years as technology and television has been improving. A mystery solving cartoon that has transformed into a brand anywhere from games, clothes, movies, and toys.  I chose to include it in what makes me happy this week because of catchphrases from the show.  Velma says Jinkies!, Shaggy says Zoinks, Scooby says Ruh Roh!, Freddy says Lets spilt up gang! Daphne says Jeepers!

I included a gif down below from the 1960s Scooby Doo Where Are You show. 

Moving on , I specifically chose two Japanese brands to focus my nail art on. I admire the creativity these artists put into their artwork and transform them into pieces of clothing and or furniture. The first nail design I will be including is known as a Murakami Flower created by Takashi Murakami. 
This link shows an exhibit of one of his pieces known as the Murakami Flower. 
I actually got the same exact flower hand painted onto my nails in a different but similar color-way ! In the future I plan to purchase a few Murakami furniture items. 
Another brand I got inspired to get painted on my nail is Comme Des Garçons. It is a Japanese brand that is based in Paris and is well known for their hearts with eyes logos. I’ve been trying to see what brand is my favorite so far but I am far from finished on my search! I’ll include a link to the brand’s Instagram page. 
Out of all the video games created for the Nintendo platform Kirby would have to be one of my favorites. This week it has been making me happy because some of the animations made with Kirby of him eating and sleeping remind me of myself.  
This GIF right here is what I imagine myself looking like at the end of the week after six days of work and four classes.  
The final GIF I included shows Kirby on a shooting star which comes from one of the video games. To summarize I would say childhood memories is the core of my happiness for this week. I reflect upon things that made me happy as a child and bring it to my adult life when I feel unmotivated.

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