Assignment #1 – What Makes You Happy on the Internet?

The internet is  . . .

how I view the internet

to say the least, but I do find that various content online does give me happiness. I love memes and I have a full album in my photos dedicated to collecting them.

coming up with GOT season 8 endings

I also find the internet to be very much chaotic but there is a space or niche for everyone. For example, tv-show stans or gamers. I myself remember being apart of the whole Game of Thrones fan theories, especially on Twitter.

Currently, I find a lot of happiness on the internet from Twitter because it’s a meme gold mine but you do come across pieces that make you laugh and think a bit deeper. I was recently on Twitter and I came across this video and it made me laugh so much. It honestly brought a lot of joy that day but it also made me think about how true this situation is. We live in such a digital era, where our devices are constantly being tracked, recorded, etc., and sometimes we don’t even realize. We would google or search the web for things we want and speak to others about something we want and then later see ads advertising said product to us. It always freaks me out but this video turned it into humor and I enjoyed that. Could you imagine actually resorting to ad tracking to find a date online?


♬ original sound – Matt Taylor

I want to share a couple of memes that I found to be very funny and gave me some joy this week as well. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did.

British Twitter was not pleased with this one but I couldn’t stop laughing at it.
this one also was very funny because it made me think of women and how we actually ask these questions … “but why me?” or “would you love me still if I was a worm?”
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