What makes me happy on the internet?

Hello everyone, my name is Andres Fernandez and this question really had me thinking about it for a long time and I really had to think about what gives me the most enjoyment when I open up the internet. I use the internet for almost everything from video games to random YouTube videos to weird random things I want to buy from amazon but the thing that I have been enjoying the most right now is watching videos/tutorials on how to use programs such as Photoshop or Adobe Premier Pro and create something amazing. Just a few months ago I was finally able to buy my own computer and the first thing I bought was Photoshop. I was horrible at it and had no clue on where to begin but I saw so many YouTube tutorials that really caught my eye and made me want to learn so much more such as:

It’s videos like these that helped me learn on becoming better in Photoshop and really gave me a really big interest in photo manipulation and give it more of a fantasy look on them. I was able to finally finish on a small project that I’ve been working on and I’m excited to learn more on Photoshop and I’m also working on learning Adobe Premier Pro to edit videos. The internet is the best place to learn new things such as hobbies and also to express your creativeness and that’s what really makes me happy to see every time I go on it.

This is what I was able to create on photoshop and I’m excited to keep trying and get better with these programs.

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