Assignment 10: First Blog Post

Hey guys! I just published my first blog post onto my website. Here is the specific post:

As I’m on this journey of figuring out how to customize and build my website some more, I thought I’d give readers a bit more detail on my plans for the site; what I’ll talk about or share and the sort of content they can expect from me.

Honestly, it’s been hard trying to find ways to be more creative with my site. I want to make it more attention-grabbing, but it’s definitely a work in progress. Please enjoy what I have this far. Way more is to come!!!

Here’s a video I’ll be using to help me:


2 thoughts on “Assignment 10: First Blog Post”

  1. it’s great your using youtube videos to help you with your site because as beginners we need any type of help to make a successful website. Great post can’t wait to see how you make it more of your own. 👍

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