assignment 10- Hello world

okay so this blog post i created was pretty informative. I started giving more in depth information on nursing classes and the curriculum you can expect

This is actually enjoyable for me because it makes me go deeper into my research for nursing school when i enroll.
I also like that i could be potentially inspiring or helping someone who is interested in nursing. Alot of people probably do not know what they are getting themselves into. This can be very helpful.
The LINK to my blog. The title is Hello World.
I am now looking forward to making more website pages

3 thoughts on “assignment 10- Hello world”

  1. Hi precious, interesting website topic. Many individuals are often nursing because it is a lot of information, so now this website can help them navigate the stressful environment.

  2. Hi, precious I really like how you put your post together. From the color scheme to the overlapping pictures. Also the information, I feel like I learned a lot about nursing just in this one sitting. Your post had really quality information.

  3. Hi, Precious! I think your website is great! You have a unique name therefore your domain name is absolutely cute and very easy to remember. While going through your website, I realized that there’s a motivation page, which I think is so clever especially since nursing is such a hard major to push through sometimes so I think it’s a great addition! Great Job!

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