last ct 101 post

Farewell my fellow peers and Professor. This CT journey has been one for the books. I have never experienced a college course quite like this one.
Ive learned about memes, gifs, diy memes and gifs, mutlple gif gifs (LOL), and most interesting of all, wordpress <3.
I definitely intend to apply my newfound skills of word press to the world. Especially when i start my business. I was thinking of selling scrubs and nursing accessories. Something related to my career field. Or maybe something more of my passion.
With my website i used it as an excuse to research about nursing school, the curriculum, schools and different routes. i woukd probably keep up with my blog on my pagre since its a hobbie of mine now.
My page stars off with a few words about goals. It uses the words DREAM CREATE and SUCCEED. Then i put my mmm page which is my vision board. Following that is my social media platforms. If anyone wants to keep in touch you can follow my on Instagram, Tik tok and Pinterest.
Further down the page i speak about my idea and aspirations for this website. It basically states that id like this website to be a resource for inspired future Registered Nurses.
In this segment of the main page, i name the 4 different types of way you can be a nurse. You can be a Associate Degree Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse and Registered Nurse, BSN (Bachelor of Science Nursing). Each Tab has a link for more information on the profession.
I used pink for most of the design because that is my favorite color of all time.
In this segment, I went further into the BSN route to show you how there are 3 different ways to attain it. You can attain it the traditional way which is through a LPN to RN to BSN bridge program, or go to a 4 year with a nursing school or lastly, the accelerated way which you need a degree already to attain a BSN.
You can never have enough inspiration 🙂 (:. I added a sprinkle of inspiration photos at the bottom of the first page.
In the second page, my blog, I defined a nurse while adding a reference photo.
This part i wanted to be extra and added extended nursing professions. With your masters degree you can advance to a nurse practitioner or even a certified registered nurse anesthetist.
I believe it is always great to think above and beyond. Also to dream big 🙂
This was a breather spot on my website to stop and smell the trees after all of that information. i believe all nurses are RESILIENT. Also most nurses are very family oriented in my opinion.
This painting reminds me of healthcare. The birds are the nurses rescuing a person in need.
On this page, I broke down the nursing school curriculum for the BSN 4 year program. Each class has different credit scores. Keep in mind the higher the credits, the harder the class.
Further down i explain how all nursing students go to clinicals in a hospital setting. Here you get hands on training to become a nurse.
Every student takes a series of Core Classes which are classes every student takes, Pre-requsities which are mandatory pre nursing school courses and Nursing Classes. To graduate on time you can take 4+ classes depending on the credits each class is.
The last but definitely not the last page I made was a motivation page which consists of encouraging nurse gifs and memes. I am very big on visuals when wanting to gain something. It is almost like manifesting and it keeps you inspired and motivated. That is the best thing while in school because lord knows we ALLL want to quit sometimes. In the end i always prevail and that is what you call RESILIENCE.
I believe I deserve an A+ in this class. This class has definitely challenged me throughout and i tried my best to be more friendly and talk/textative. I am rather a quiet person so I do not talk much but this class has forced me out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for that.

assignment 10- Hello world

okay so this blog post i created was pretty informative. I started giving more in depth information on nursing classes and the curriculum you can expect

This is actually enjoyable for me because it makes me go deeper into my research for nursing school when i enroll.
I also like that i could be potentially inspiring or helping someone who is interested in nursing. Alot of people probably do not know what they are getting themselves into. This can be very helpful.
The LINK to my blog. The title is Hello World.
I am now looking forward to making more website pages

assignment 9

So i have finally decided what i would like to do with my website.

Since my passion is to become a nurse I have decided to dedicate a website towards information for people who would also like to become a nurse or are interested.

The top part of the home page consists of my vision board and then proceed to give information about ADN, LPN, RN AND BSN programs.

I used this template which was very helpful and I am excited to see my creativity flow. I did use a youtube video to help me navigate word press. This is the video. It very helpful and intriguing.

assignment 8

This process was interesting and different. Seeing all the applications that are available to download for the website was intriguing and cool. It was like shopping for website gadgets

I’ve finally downloaded word press and i am excited to use it and tinker with it. For right now my website looks like this,

  But that is just for now. It will soon be filled with life and creativity.
Surprisingly setting up my website was not hard. Following the professor’s zoom videos and how great he is at explaining procedures in detail helped my process go smoothly.
I am hoping and praying for the best on my website journey.


this is the part where we get funkyyyy!

We are making websites. i knew this day would come. the domain name I chose is the name of my first Facebook. It is pretty clever. my name, Precious, is a word so i named my Facebook, Precious Precious.

Some other names i thought of were but it was taken. i also thought of Pstyles but that was taken too.

On my website i have a couple ideas of what id like to post, but I’m still not sure which to choose.

The domain i chose was



I am thinking of posting blogs like how I do on this platform. blogging has become fun for me and I am glad to have learned how to do it.

assignment 6 :)

Assignment 5

* Assignment 4 *

ct 101 meme

Assignment 2

Music. That’s it. That’s the post.

In CT 101 i believe I am doing very good. I’ve learned a lot and i am okay with keeping up with assignments. I’ve learned about hyperlinks and gifs the most.

 love that i learned this

I’ve retained this blog platform the most. The new skill I’ve learned is making gifs, making a creative website and making blogs. Reflecting on my performance in this class id say i’m doing very great.

I know how to make blogs with various media and more now. I believe I am maintaining an A in the class hopefully.

 me thinking positive and mainfesting good grades

I definitely see my weekly blogging expanding. I see myself improving in many areas. I am missing assignment 7.

I comment on some classmates posts and i respond to people that comment on mine. I participate sometimes. i can improve on comments. Above are the links to my other posts.

Assignment 5

Hello class,

I’ve decided to make a website dedicated to my vision in life. I’ve curated a vision board in scrapbook style. I chose this because i like to stay motivated and on my path. I like to remind myself of what I’m doing and who I do it for.

 looking into the future

In my first my vision board basically says id like to be a nurse practitioner. I will graduate with my Bachelors this December in health sciences and with my BSN in 2024. I’d like to own a house in long island and own a BMW x6 competition car. I’d like to have 2 kids and be married. id like to stay kind and true to myself and my roots. I’d like to  be happy and mentally stable. To achieve all of this id have to work hard ofcourse. the rest you can read and use your imagination 🙂

You can access it here


 knowledge is power

Using was actually really fun. it gave me the option to use gifs, shapes, links just like this blog page. I like how this class uses me to use my creativity. I was compelled to create something personal to share a little more about myself.


 my vision board

second page loading.


* Assignment 4 *


this assignment was a bit tricky, but I’ll try. in the ds106 website I chose animated gif assignments. I felt that was the most interesting


car assignment

This is the assignment I chose. It is very similar to the gif assignment we have done in this class where we made our own gifs. This showed how to take a variety of pictures and make it into 1 Gif.

Editing and tweaking the pictures

This is where we resize, toggle frames and time of these pictures.

Finished MasterpieceThis is the car Gif that I’ve made thanks to the assignment showing me how.


Thanks for reading !

ct 101 meme

Memes became a big part of the internet. It is definitely art and a big way of expressing yourself as opposed to posting statuses.  I would say they are a good and bad form of communication. It is a good form of communication because it can come off comedic or tell information in a more relatable way. It may be more effective for younger people or older people with a specific set of humor.

It may be a bad form of communication because it is not able to tell information in depth. Memes are not an effective way to teach.

This is how I felt on the first day of class

The room amazed me LOL

Memes can be used for storytelling and add spice to stories.

When some students talk i hope the teleprompter or whatever it is called hears them perfectly for the professors sake. 🙂

I love technology. The fact that technology is advancing every year and becoming a big form of way of life, communicate, educate…etc, this class is highly recommended.

This is probably the best reason as to why I would say i love this class. Some professors add unnecessary stress to students and enjoy doing it, not keeping into consideration that we may be juggling 5-6 classes at once.


Assignment 2

When i first walked into this class, the classroom caught my interest. Most college course classes do not have a bunch of apple computers and tv screens in them. At least for me!! LOL.

 My reaction walking into the multimedia classroom

I am a health science major concentrated in nursing so just imagine my classrooms.

 this is how i feel about my mandatory science classes


Shoutout to the professor. His demeanor and enthusiasm about the class created an exciting feeling for me. Creating content is very popular in society nowadays. I loved hearing about the course and what it would consist of. It made me excited to learn how to blog and create memes and gifs and more because that is very trendy right now.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook gives people the opportunity to create content in many different ways and create profit. That is awesome!

 Utilize it!!!

One thing about social media and our phones, older people may see us young people as “addicted.” I highly disagree with that. In society now there are hundredssss of ways to make money off of our phones. Yes there is such thing as a phone addiction, but it is not cool to assume that.

Me personally i have heard that phrase a lot and 95% of the time i am doing something important or work/school related on my phone (emails, applications, banking, communicating with jobs..etc).

No I am not a phone zombie LOL

 This is such  perfect gif for that phrase


Compared to my other classes, this class takes the cake! This class gives me space to express myself creatively and on the internet. How great! My other classes consist of health, sexuality and philosophy (great to learn, but not creative).

The creative potentials of this class is endless. I am pretty sure we are able to learn a lot in this class. The creation and idea of GIF is genius! We are now able to take videos and compress into a short video, animation style and utilize on different internet platforms without taking up a lot of storage. According to Lorraine Boissoneault “The way it worked was to identify repeating patterns, then simplify them, allowing for lossless compression of files—meaning none of the data is trimmed in the shortening process” (2).

 Me on my way to create content for the class

I feel excited about learning new skills that use internet tools. I definetly see myself using this knowledge in life.


Music. That’s it. That’s the post.

What has been making me happy on the internet this week and forever is…. music :).

I do not necessarily use it to give me a feeling (except for calm of course) more so when i am feeling. As people we go through the motions everyday. Something as simple as music can make everyday tasks more bearable (walking down the street, cooking, cleaning, driving, etc…) even waiting in an elevator.


I play music when i am feeling happy, sad, angry, motivated, hopeful, sexy… whenever. I also have a very deep love for a certain type of music and artists. I am in love with R&B. When you think of R&B, you may think of a slower type of music. Correct. I enjoy R&B on all occasions. It regulates my emotions when it comes to my mental health and overall saved my life.

My favorite artist is Partynextdoor <3 I discovered him my freshman year in highschool and I’ve been smitten since. I’d identify his music as being in a mild trance but not creepy like.

I have access to all his music due to Apple music, Youtube, Soundcloud, Musi, Spotify..etc. Youtube is a great platform to find music. I get to find his music slowed and reverbed when i am in the mood for something even slower 😉 .

Here is one of my favorite songs by him.

POV: a Partynextdoor song happens to play next on your apple music playlist

Thats all. Thank you 🙂