At first I didn’t know what to post on my site because I made my site open ended. So I settled on making a review of a movie that I watched because reviews are so important. I never buy anything on amazon without reading a review because I need to know if it’s going to be good.

Even though I have no experience writing reviews I am going to make one because any opinion matters as long as it is accurate on what is being shown in the movie.

My First Post is now available!

Dear Class,

I just published my first post on my NEW Website:

Please  –> <–

To see my post just go to Home and Press blog and it will appear there.

All are welcome to check it out or leave any feedback for me!

9 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT #10- The PREMIER of my WEBSITE”

      1. I thought open-ended was better so I am not confined. This way I can categorize all my ideas and show different things so my viewers see me as more than doing one thing all the time. 😁

    1. I have seen many movies. I try to see at least once every week depending if I have the time. I like to rewatch a lot of movies next I’m going to rewatch Epic (2013). 😀

  1. I think this is one of the most creative last minute ideas for a website. I do have a question though, what if a movie you watch has 8 good comments and 2 bad comments, would you still watch the movie? I feel like people have their own taste and what may seem boring to some, it can be fun to others. But besides the fact, I like your use of memes and gifs because it made the post interactive. Can’t wait to read the next movie review.

    1. I would watch it anyway. I prefer to not listen to others ideas of a movie until I see it. Also thanks for liking the idea of my site and I cant wait till your site is up and running. Hope your issues resolve soon.🙂

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