Assignment #11: Panoramic Storytelling

Fictional Story:

As I was entering my house, the lock was broken as if someone tried to break in. I turned the lights on in the living room. I walked past my living room, as I looked down the dark hallway I saw that my door was open and the lights were on. There was no one else in the house, I contacted my mom and sister to ask if they were home and they all told me they were out. So that means someone broke into my house and was in my room..

5 thoughts on “Assignment #11: Panoramic Storytelling”

  1. I like how you started off the story and used a spooky picture. I just wish that there was more to the story or possibly another picture to tell the rest of the story. This was definitely a tease, you should really consider writing more on it.

  2. Ok wow that’s a little dark but good for a short story. You could expand on this story and turn the character who broke in into a stalker which would be so cool.

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