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throughout the year I’ve always liked that the professor gave us the  ability to express myself creatively through regular blog posts in this course. I really loved how we could discuss and evaluate our own emotions. By completing all of these things, I’ve learnt how to be more innovative as well. By mastering all of the skills I’ve learned throw-out  digital storytelling, I may improve my interpersonal skills and successfully express my ideas and stories in an engaging manner.


As the semester comes to a close, I thought it was really interesting to create a website. So far, creating a domain is the easy part of making a website; the difficult part is customizing it to your desire. Due to other interests that I have in the near future, I believe I will be unable to maintain the website that I have developed.  WordPress website was a nice experience. My website is about my favorite game apex legends and i was so excited to talk about it!


Learning to construct a WordPress website was a lot of fun, and you can see mine is apex everywhere check it out. I needed a place to keep all of my writing and planning for my blogs so I would pre type them in a google doc.  I kept my design simple and all black because that’s who I am as a person  and my style.


as of right now I am currently holding a b- for the sheer fact that I delayed so long to write this blog entry lol. Also, my attendance has been lacking since the first couple of classes because the professor stated that attendance is not required so I took advantage of that shame on me but still I believe that I deserve that grade because my work quality has improved since our first blog post, so I believe that I have improved and learned a lot and I submit good quality work when I do.


overall This class was both useful and enjoyable. I liked how simple and easy  it was to learn everything and to pick things up so quickly and apply them in our post week after week . I’ve been using many of the skills we’ve acquired in earlier classes to my projects, and I’m confident that some of these new talents will be useful in my regular everyday life. so as my final post winds us down to the end of the semester here are all of my blogs through the year.

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  1. Thank you!
    Here we are at the end of the semester, they always fly by!
    There has been good work completed here and I appreciate your efforts and the completion of the course work. CT101 is a great community and you can always find inspiration here from our classmates.
    I wish that we could see a tour of your completed website via screen shots and or having the link work. It looks like the website is not up and running (you need to contact reclaim hosting and open up a ticket with them – looks like an e-mail verification link disruption message) We have had many weeks to work on that, as well as take a few screen shots in advance. The domain and website will be available to restore for a year, I hope that you will consider that.
    Also, please check the links to those blog posts that you listed here at the end 🙂
    Have a great summer!
    Thank you!

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