Assignment #11- The Class That Has A Bunch Of Creative People

I took the time and looked through some of my fellow classmates websites, and I am super impressed! The creativity is spot on and I don’t I would have been able to come up with some of these ideas.

As you can see, I did terrible *cries*

Brandon’s website which is: Jaimuslux main objective is about music. Upon arriving to the homepage of his site, I automatically fell for the Dino trap and spent like 20 minutes playing the game while listening to the song of the week!

Brandon’s website allowed me to discover a new artist that I have never listened to before and I’m excited to discover more musics from this artisit. 

Another classmates website I surfed through was Alejandra: Alejandra’s Creativity.

Her thought of creating  a recommendation tab was vey unique!

I am usually busy with work and I don’t get to listen or discover the new musics that’s released and after reading Alejandra’s list, I added some new music to my library!

On that note, make sure to check out my new blog post @!

2 thoughts on “Assignment #11- The Class That Has A Bunch Of Creative People”

  1. Excellent!
    Great choices to explore!
    I have been checking them all out this past weekend and always love to see how everyone “uses” the tools they selected and how they have applied them!
    Good work! (as always!)

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