Assignment #11: World Jumping

I’m going to try to comment on everyone’s websites in a list-like order. Here we go.

  1. Shanjida: Nice fashion site. I see you’re more into styling. If I may ask, what does the term modest mean regarding fashion? I’m not too familiar with the term. While we’re on the topic, what’s what of the most horrid pieces of clothing to you guys. For me, it’s crocs and “better” crocs. Just buy some slides or some comfy payless shoes. The only cool thing I can say about them is croc charms. But even then, just get some pins and put them on your backpack or something.
 These are examples of “better” crocs. What am I looking at?

2. Nader: A nice blend of history and photography. My only complaint is that we didn’t get to see a history blog about places such as Cairo Castle (I’m a sucker for castles) and Yemen-dar-al-hajar Palace.

3. Victor: I’m not exactly sure what this website is supposed to be. It felt as if I read into someone’s diary. I don’t say that in a bad way. In addition to that, that flutter video confused me to no end.

4. Brandon: Good job with the music blog. But, I must say you asked a tough question for me in there. Music and I have a weird relationship. I do adore it and understand its value, yet at the same time, I get bored of it very quickly. Most music from radios and artists outside of projects are just flavor to me. Flavor is good but, you have to have some texture too. How does the song smell? What does it look like? I don’t have these questions when listening to music from video games, cartoons, and movies. Not to say that “flavor music” can’t have this effect on me, but that’s primarily because of me. There’s no character behind the notes. To me, it’s just the artist singing or playing their music in my ear. Perhaps this issue would be solved if I learned about the artist.

But anywho, here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to a lot recently.

*Disclaimer: Dream Bqq may be disturbing; I couldn’t find a link that just had the music. Sorry*

5. Alejandra: You and my friend would bond over your shared interest in Clairo and Cuco. Have you heard of Roy Pablo? Anywho, cool personal blog. Glad to know there are other creatives out there, you know?

6. Kiara: I never thought I’d see a hair growth blog.  Is that common? Since I’m currently on a hair-growth journey myself, do you have any tips on some of the better products to get? That’s always what I get stumped on.


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  1. I wish we have more time to share that history with all of you. Don’t worry though even if the semester is over, I will continue posting on the website. I hope we will continue to post and check out other people’s websites. let me not forget to thank you for this informative outstanding post.

  2. Hey Tyler! I loved that you asked what does modesty mean in regards to fashion because a lot of people ask what that is. It’s basically understood as comfortable, fairly loose-fitting clothing that is less revealing than many contemporary styles. Some may dress modestly to religious purposes and others for the aesthetic, either way I love modest clothing for the sole purpose of comfort.

  3. Such great work on this!
    Really love the whole structure of the post and how you have addressed each site that you went to visit!
    I also love the context to the video and how the embedded media plays so well in harmony to your descriptions!
    Love to see so many comments and peeps engaging in conversation here too!

    1. I just took a look at your website! I like how it’s mysterious and draws the viewer in. I also like how you organized this post! You provided a lot of insight to each induvial website. I can tell you really took your time exploring everyone’s website. I’ve come late to the party but maybe you could take a look at mine: and tell me what you think. Dream BBQ was a little bit disturbing but no regrets, lol!

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