Assignment 9

Assignment 9

Messing around with the website:
Share those opinions

Since I’m new to this website building format and all the tools for it, I was very confused at the options presented to me. The easiest parts were adding in the logo and the background photo because I want my website to be built around the same idea America had; to give the people the right to speak their minds and share their opinions. Freedom of speech is important and it’s shown to be very useful at times, but harmful in other times. However, my website main focus is to present different opinions and views by the people on recent news issues or anything worth of interest. For example, a lot of people were torn whether Travis Scott should be blamed for the incidents that happened at his concert. This is an engaging news story that is very conflicted.

Now onto the hard part about creating a website for the first time. Creating a website for the first time was difficult mainly because the brain can easily think creatively until it’s actually time to do something. That is the dilemma I had for this assignment. I saw many tools that I have no prior knowledge about and I panicked. Even choosing the colors was a difficult task because it’s a website and you want it to look presentable. Amongst choosing a color, I saw sections such as widgets, homepage settings and “Additional CS” to where I just stopped what I was doing and made sure to stop before I mess around with things I don’t know anything about yet.

My reaction to the tools

However, I am looking forward to learning about these tools to help me create this website. It’s still intriguing and it feels great to have this opportunity to do something this special and hopefully create a passion for it. I can tell it’ll be useful in careers such as mine that deals with writing and interviewing. The website is a great way to spread opinions and views on the latest news because it still keeps that Journalism feel to it.


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  1. Lol, Im reading these in a backwards order but its fun to see!
    You have done a great job with this and adapting to and learning so many new skills and tools!

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