Assignment #12

Internet GIFs | Tenor

The website I chose to explore would be Stella’s site. Her website is about memes, and I can tell you guys it gave me a quick laugh. She made her meme while showing me some good ironic memes to show the people how the memes evolved.  I love the layout of her website and how she labeled them to tell us which category these memes belong in.

When it comes to memes, they always should be straightforward, which is what she did; she formatted them where it will be approachable and easy to figure out the picture. I can’t wait till she posts more memes!

4 thoughts on “Assignment #12”

  1. Hey Manpreet, I explored the same website and I loved it too. It had me reminiscing and cracking up. I also really liked how you added screenshots of the sites into your post so other students don’t have to click on the link to see them.

  2. Hello,
    I also looked into the same website as it displays almost everything we did in this class, Memes and GIFs became a tool for us, and it’s really a step forward to the art we view in today’s world..
    Nice work

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