Assignment #4 DS106

Assignment #4 DS106

This is the first assignment, I ch0ose this example

The steps I take in completing this assignment was first, I started looking through Bob Ross painting and finding the best one I admire.

Photo used for assignment 1Assignment 1 photo

The animal that will make this imagine pop

In order to start the process, I begin with opening up photoshop

then proceed with uploading the two imagines

Moving forward, I begin by outlining the dolphin with the object selection tool so that the dolphin can be placed onto the landscape image.

After doing all the necessary adjustments,

Here is the final result

After getting this beautiful result, I wanted to play around with some colors to see how the dolphin would stand out in this image.

I love the representation of the red, it just reminds me of tropical countries that experience a shade of this color when the sunset in the evenings. This photo relaxes my mind each time I look at it. I enjoy every moment of this assignment.

I am interested in this project that was presented on the Ds106 website

I found this video assignment project that I would like to learn. I always watch Tik Tok videos and wonder how people edit their videos a certain way especially when it comes on to animals. I love watching puppy videos and the editing skills some people have persuade me on doing these types of videos with my pet.  This is a task I will challenge myself on in my free time.


5 thoughts on “Assignment #4 DS106”

  1. Wow, I love it!
    Great work on this!
    The Bob Ross assignment just keeps on giving!
    So much fun and so so so many ways to play with the idea in general!
    Thank you!
    Great tutorial too!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. The tutorial was clear and concise along with the visuals. I also like the assignment you chose to complete because the end result looks great especially since I am not familiar with Bob Ross’ work that much.

  3. I like the way you used the dolphin, png images are fun to play with. I used them a lot when I’m creating my animations

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