Assignment #12 Share your Website’s URL & Some Social Media Fun

Share your Website’s URL & Some Social Media Fun

Hey guys this is the Last Assignment before the final blog, it’s been a wonderful fast journey, to say the least.

For this assignment, I had the chance to discover some of my classmate’s websites.

The first website I visited and left a comment on is Duojay’s website The main slogan on the website is “Dive into the inner world”, I thought that for a minute. In the Inner world everything that occurs in our minds, such as our thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, and so on, whereas in the Outer world is our physical reality and the situations and circumstances that occur to us.  He wants to display to reflect on things from his perspective with animation art and space.

SPACE IS IMPORTANT for the outer world!!!

The study of the cosmos provides us with a significant shift in perspective. We gain context for comprehending our own world when we learn about what exists beyond it. Examining the other planets in our solar system and beyond reveals that Earth is a valuable refuge for life. It’s interesting because our perspective and opinions on space are expandable there are much research and information in today’s life system. We can look at Elon Musk SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin spaceships going into the outer world. The blogs about space can include many interesting facts and opinions which can be expanded and researched for years to come.

Another classmate’s website that interested me in their post was Stella’s website URL-

Stella’s website displays the work of our CT101 course and combines it with her own humor. It’s creative and impressive to see the improvements in how we progressed through the journey of creating Memes and GIFs. Personally, I learned to respect the creativeness of Memes and GIFs, I felt it is overused and not art. However, the work of creating and trying to be creative and making an image or a trend of real-life situations humorous. It can be a challenging feat to accomplish with Memes and GIFs because either you make it great or your work and it has no meaning to it.

ICONIC MEMES are used in our daily life we can express and create almost anything to get a reaction from them. This website has great potential for creativeness and humor that can reflect in our lives. Maybe a person who might have a bad day can come across this site and find some humor and it might lighten them up. Great work !!!

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  1. Thank you for taking a look at my website even though it is not at its best right now and I am glad it made you reflect

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