Assignment #11 Panoramic Storytelling & Multiplicity

In this post, I will tell you a story. Using the Panoramic image I took!!!

Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas, when the RKO Alden Theatre closed in the 1980s, this theatre reopened on May 17, 2002, as part of the new Jamaica Center. The Valencia Theatre, one of the Loew’s Wonder Theatres, was once located in Jamaica, which had nearly twenty theatres. It has Neighborhood movie house with multiple digital screens, stadium seating & expanded concessions. For years I would come to watch movies on release nights entertainment to the fullest. Dr. Strange the movie came out today its only two shows left I must try to make it to the 3:00 PM show because if it’s too late I will not finish my project assignment due at 11:59 PM.

Its 2:40 PM I’m driving to the theater as fast as I can, I must find parking first and also, I had to purchase the ticket for the movie. Guess what happens it ….

Yes, it was raining, lucky I had an Umbrella….

10-minute left till the movie starts I rush to the counter to buy the ticket; The lady tells me sorry tickets are sold out for this show and there are no seats available.

It was sad to not be able to go in and watch the movie on time and I was frustrated at myself for being too late and last-minute decisiveness. I felt hopeless and regretful to making it so fast in the rain and wasted my time coming here so fast. As I walk towards the elevator, I see my friend Angel my classmate from my previous college. I say, “Hey how are you” he says, “Hi and says his in a rush to scan his ticket for the movie, I quickly tell him “Enjoy the movie” he says “did you watch it already” I said “No I was trying to purchase the ticket but they are filled seats and all are sold out. He told me “Hey don’t worry come with me I will get you in, my girlfriend bailed on me because she couldn’t make it due to the rain, I can scan her ticket for you”.


He helped me take my Panoramic images for this assingment also.


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    1. Thank you so much, Prof.Ryan the storytelling was the hardest part because it was fictional as I was writing the story it came to me in bits…

  1. Hey Zia! Your post was really interesting and I loved the picture. I like how you actually had a story about the picture you took and all I can say is that you are SO lucky! I saw the doctor strange movie on Friday too and but that wasn’t the point. Your blog was keeping me on my toes and I really liked it.

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