Assignment 12: Surfing the Internet

As I visited my classmates’ websites, I was able to look through different creative styles. It was nice to really see how different everyone likes to express themselves creatively, and I was able to find a lot of inspiration through their own ideas.

I looked at Paola’s website as well as, Fatema’s website

I really love the minimal, clean, and pink aesthetic Paola has going on for her website. From read her introduction and her first blog post, it is clear that she wants to keep her content very clear and concise. Her “Book of Thoughts” post really inspired me. I definitely found I can take some of her ideas and incorporate them into my own website. She mentions writing about the current shows she’s watching or podcasts she’s listening to at the moment. II find that my website follows the same theme as hers , and these ideas would be good addition to add onto mine.

Fatema’s website was really cool, and very different that Paolas or mine. It just goes to show how creative my classmates are with and how they want express their chosen idea. Fatema’s website is like going through a travel brochure almost, and it really makes you feel you’re out in nature. I like her concept of  traveling and it inspired to include writing about my won travels in my future blogs posts.

In all, I feel that the class is having a lot fun with their websites. From day one we all knew this would be a fun and expressive class. It is nice having this outlet, especially through stressful final exams.


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  1. Hey Fateema,
    We share the same name, coincidentally, I always have classmates with the same names. Anyway I am so glad you liked my website. I also visited yours and the color combination of the website is very impressive. You did a great job indeed.

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