Assignment#7 Picking A Domain Name!

Names! That must be fun

When choosing a good domain name, I wanted something that is unique and able to stand out. I am excited and nervous at the same time with having my own website since it’s something new to me and I will have to be aware of different version that is out on word press and updating my content.

The Domain names I have come up with so far will be below:


My new website will definitely be food related; I love when people can get together and sit down, eat, laugh and just have fun. My website will dive into Real Authentic Jamaican Cuisines. I will share popular foods that most people know or may not know. I strongly believe we should explore and try new things. Feel free to visit my website and try cooking any one of the meals, leave a comment if you did cook one of the meals or you tired it before. I will be putting more content even when I no longer have ct101 class.

Don’t have to think twice its definitely YouTube, when I want a laugh YouTube, when I’m feeling fabulous YouTube. I really appreciate the great and creative content that YouTube have to offer. The contents on YouTube have made me gain independents in many ways, it helps me gain creativity when redecorating my room, when doing my hair and also setting up the furniture’s in my house. YouTube made me come up with the idea of talking about Jamaican cuisines since I’m always watching how other Jamaicans being creative when preparing their meals which inspires me a lot to try also. YouTube really plays a vital role in my life.

I always see gif on my phone and never use or pay attention to it, but I must say since learning about it in this class has made it one of my most go to website when I want to send a reaction to someone. You can get any and every reaction from this website even creating your own. I use GIPHY in all my assignments and I will be adding some to my website.



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