Copyright is the legal right given to an originator to print , publish , perform, film , or record literary , artistic , or musical material and to authorize users to do the same .Users of the web should only feel as if their work is being stolen if it’s the same exact thing just being displayed for example like a major event or paper for an assignment as theirs with no credit given. Otherwise using the example as remakes to convey an important message or a funny meme shouldn’t be considered copyrighted. Fair use is the condition of things that can be considered something that isn’t copyrighted or stolen from the originator this can be something that’s used for criticism , teaching ,news reporting , research , experiment , and more. I choose assignment #1 from Larry Lessig’s ted talk and the quote that stood out to me the most was “every single use of culture produces a copy”. I completely agree because over the years we have seen so many different adaptions from different countries and cultures that have sometimes even been better than the original from the best and I personally feel as if long as the creativity is there or it’s to provide some sort of entertainment or knowledge and not credited as your own that it shouldn’t be copyrighted because it’s a freedom of speech.simpsons


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