Assignment 2- Creating My First Gif






This is my reaction to the first day of CT101. I am really interested in using digital media to advance my engagement in my journalism career.

CT101 is chill in comparison to my other classes. This class has no deadlines and seems very chill. Im in a writing intensive class that requires a lot of reading and writing.


 I am always thinking about the type of creative content I want to create for both of my classes. ( My previous degree is Africana Studies) I was “woke” way before it became trendy.









I plan on creating worthy viral content that people can relate to and build a more extensive following via social media. I created this gif of my one year old daughter Taraji. Her facial expressions are always hilarious.

I am a self advocate for Disabled Awareness because I have Cerebral Palsy. I use a wheelchair and constantly have to educate people about the misconception of having a disability. 

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  1. Excellent work on this! Thank you so much! Im glad that you are enjoying the class! Im with you on the disability awareness advocacy! We need to keep going, keep advocating and educating people on the many many misconceptions about disability and disabilities!

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