My Good Old Enemy the Internet

Ahhh, the internet, you’re like the annoying brother that I have to pretend to love. I can remember it just like it was yesterday, summer of 2011 the moment I made my first facebook accounts because that was the moment I sold my soul to the devil.

Nah, I’m kidding but I did actually think the concept of Facebook would be the downfall of man kind. In hindsight, I would say I was half right. The only reason I made an account was because my baseball teammates held down in a chair, inside of a hotel lobby, and forced me to make one. Let just say I don’t have many fond memories of that trip to North Carolina.

But I digress. I have stark love hate relationship when it comes to the internet if I’m being honest. On the one hand I think it is incredible place for creativity and to find information on practically everything and anything your heart desires. On other hand I think its black hole where the soul of humanity was sucked in and the words honesty and integrity have all but disappeared from our vocabulary. But hey! that just me 😅

When the pandemic hit,  as you can imagine it was probably my worse nightmare. I am people person, I love meeting new people, and making new connection. As a journalist that’s literally 90% of my job description.

So my last 6 months of quarantine felt a pretty much like this…

Pablo Escobar Waiting | Know Your Meme

But, in order to combat my loneliness and later on cabin favor. I basically bounced around Netflix, You Tube, Hulu, and Prime video. Seriously though, thank god for student discounts because if I was going to rely on social media and my parents to keep me entertain. Let just say it wouldn’t be a pretty picture.

So since I found my self binge watching roughly 2-3 movies or shows a day. I figured I might as well learn something about them in the mean while. I stumbled across this amazing Youtube channel over the summer called “Lesson From The Screenplay” Where this guy name Micheal Tucker uploads videos of in depth analysis of some of the best screenplays put on film and television.

This was the first video I watch because MAD MEN I feel is one of most well written shows I have ever watched. If you appreciate the art of cinema and want to learn more about your favorite movies or T.V. shows like myself then you will enjoy this channel.

To the creators of this channels you have my respect.

My only quarrel with the internet is that as amazing and useful it is in keeping society connected. Especially, in a crisis like this pandemic. It should not replace real human interaction. So enjoy the power you have at your finger tips but remember, look up from time to time . There is much more out there in the world for you to enjoy than whats on your computer screen.

I hope that we all have an amazing seamster. Good luck to you all and have a wonderful weekend.

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