Assignment 1 – The Internet!

Personally I try my best to stay off of the internet *(I heard it boosts productivity). But I still find myself scrolling endlessly through the internet daily. If I had to choose the best part of the internet it would be google search engine. I REALLY LOVE GOOGLE!











You can find the answer to anything as it pops into your head. It is like a personal genius at your side constantly. This past week I saw an article  about how humans were evolving in the age of cellphones. I could not locate the exact article but it was also about peoples sculls changing because of cellphone use. I started wondering how evolution could even be possible. Because it contradicts some of the basic facts of life, you know. Like it is common knowledge that people are born with all of their ovaries… so how could the genetics of the the next generation remember to adjust to real world adversity and events if they already exist and can not change their genetic code because it already is what it is?







Like if you were in an escape room that you could only exit if you completed a sequence of tasks… but you did not know that you were in an escape room because you’ve never heard of an escape room… how could you be expected to know to complete the puzzle?  Thats how I was looking at it. I also saw another article about how researchers discovered the oldest star ever…. How could they know how old a star is?  I wondered.

So I looked to google. And it made me realize the internet kind of is productive. It promotes new thoughts and shows you new things. And new is great. Above that thinking is also fundamental. Without the internet, specifically google I would  be a tad bit uninformed. So I love google.


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