Assignment 2: Feelings About CT 101 So Far

Before taking CT 101, I was taking a bunch of Journalism classes. In the class, there would be mentions of students who either majored in CT or who are currently taking the class CT 101. My professor would usually vouch for the class and inform the students that taking the class will help towards the path of Journalism in learning editing skills and transitioning Journalists digitally. However, I did not think much of it and brushed it to the side.

My reaction whenever CT was brought up.


As the semester came into a close…

My excitement over the semester ending
I started doing my advisements and since my old advisor retired, I needed a new one. I chose to do advisements with Prof. Moore and he gave me suggestions on courses I should take and gave reasons why. He spoke about CT 101 as a potential course to take due to it’s versatile and unique way of providing students a learning of how to use the web to it’s capabilities.  

When it came down to officially enrolling in the courses, I chose CT 101 without being sure of what I’m getting into.

My brief reaction to being unaware of what’s to come

Now fast forward to the first class in which I did not appear due to sleeping late and waking up later, I was off to a bad start.

Me looking back at myself for that mistake

However, things picked up once I attended the second class since it’s when we really started working. I learned about the usage of Gifs and captions and using the two to create a masterpiece. Not to mention using hyperlinks and YouTube videos to add more flavor into the blog. Overall, the second time attending the class I learned a lot of computing skills and created my first blog on this site.

My reaction after completing my first blog on this site

Now this will be my second blog and my concluding thoughts is that I hope I get to learn more on using the web to my best capabilities and I aspire to use this for my Journalism work.

Blog Completed

2 thoughts on “Assignment 2: Feelings About CT 101 So Far”

  1. Looking good!
    I enjoy the GIFS and your storytelling! This is a great work in progress!
    Beauty is, we can always keep adding to our blog posts! Lets be sure to take another look at the assignment details to make sure we have all the bases covered. Ill check back in soon agin! :)))

  2. I really enjoyed your storytelling and your use of gifs to express how you felt. That gif that showed how you felt at the end of the semester is always me too Lol. You could also add what the potentials are of this class. Good work bro 👍🏾

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