Assignment #2 Last minute with gif

Taking CT101 was a last minute for me

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Before this class I was enrolled in a drawing class, it was drawing 101. But I was enrolled into two communication technology classes. In CT160 and CT201, that’s when I realized something. CT is like media, I personally did not know about this career  path. But I did take a media class back in BMCC. And it was one of my favorite class. I was so good at it, just editing and publishing media. My creative freedom went to the roof in that class. I was finally able to combine my computer skills with how I wanted to express. Something Computer Science failed to give to me in some way.

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Why did I choose this class on last minute? I remember it, I was so worried if it would even work. But as soon as I took my first CT160 I knew it… Communication technology is for me. But what do I do now? I’m basically done with my CS degree, I have literally already completed all my credits on Computer Science. I can’t just change my degree now, but then I thought. I’m taking already like 3 classes on CT, what if I go for a minor in CT?

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It was going to be an all white post, but… Look at Bill Gates dab, literally my reaction after everything worked out.

My brain fly figuring everything out that day. Literally the next day after August 26 you would not be able to change classes. So I took the step and swapped drawing 101 for communication technology 101. I’m so glad that I took that step, specially after I felt the spirit of the professor. It reminded me of the first media class I took. It feels good to be able to express yourself.

The idea of a museum for memes sounds very interested. The internet has a lot of stories to tell. The good news is that all the past information about the internet is being preserved in websites like way back machine.  And even websites like YouTube will have their servers with the things that has happened there. I heard about a museum that china has made to relive the internet story. It is nostalgic to see the memes from the past and how something so simple could make us laugh.

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I always find myself using Imgur to upload images, in few occasions I have uploaded a GIF. So it did not come from me to search for GIFs there. I knew about Giphy, but I never use it a lot. Now I’ll start using it more since the variety and ease to use convinced me to do so.

I cannot compare this class to even other medias classes that I have take. Because the attitude that I have been having towards the course is different. It just does not feel like I’m working for a deadline. It comes naturally from me to share what I’m thinking, and it just happens to be related to a class assignment. I’m not sure what’s the potential of the class yet. I have no idea what I’ll end up doing with all the skills that I have been learning on the course, but I’ll be remembering this class for the rest of my life.

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I could have a conclusion, but look at Bill Gate’s dab, it gets me every time.

4 thoughts on “Assignment #2 Last minute with gif”

  1. when it comes to selecting classes it can be so stressful, I enrolled two days before the semester begins and luckily CT was still open. CT seems like an easy class so far, I recommend you to minor in it if you still have time.

  2. Good Work!
    This is coming along really nicely!
    Great flow of your narrative and expression!
    Lets take another look at the specific details in assignment #2 – there are some questions that I would like to see addressed, as well as the blogging check list of techniques – we will discuss this more in class on 9/28
    Thank you!

      1. Excellent! Thank you! We will keep digging into what I was talking abut each week – how we can draw from our life experiences to help build and customize our craft. Good stuff!

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